Newsweek's Tina Brown Calls Biden a 'Hero' for Forcing Obama's Gay Marriage Flipflop

Would you say it was heroic to make a blunder on national television that forces the President of the United States to flipflop on an issue six months before Election Day thereby threatening his chances at the polls?

Newsweek editor Tina Brown did exactly that Wednesday when during an interview with the Huffington Post called Vice President Joe Biden "the hero of the hour" for making what could be game-changing comments about same-sex marriage on Meet the Press earlier this month (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

The interview began with Brown being asked about this week's controversial Newsweek cover.

"I thought it was the simplest. It communicated the idea in a very kind of smart but at the same time subtle way," she told the Post. "I thought this was a chic way of doing it honestly, I thought it did very well."

About the headline, Brown said, "I tend to feel that unless you have the line right, you know, you can't create an image just out of nowhere. So, the line 'The First Gay President' was something Andrew Sullivan and I really loved, and we went from there."

For her part, Brown clearly is pleased with the President calling his flipflop "a brave decision," "a great generational coup" and "a moment of moral clarity."

As for the bumbling Vice President, "I think frankly [Obama] stumbled into it because of Joe Biden. The hero of the hour is Joe Biden, right? But I think once [Obama] realized that this was a bus that was now moving, that he did grasp it and did the right thing."

Will Brown and her liberal colleagues feel the same way if Obama loses in November and certain key battleground states that he won in 2008 go to Mitt Romney because of this issue?

Have they considered the likelihood that Biden would then be depicted by history as single-handedly dooming the first black president's reelection with his own stupidity?

This clearly doesn't concern liberal elites like Brown suddenly far more interested in advancing same-sex marriage regardless of who it hurts politically - even the messiah.

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