CNN Correspondent Says 'F--king N--ger' On The Air

For the second time in roughly two weeks a CNN employee has said "f--king n--ger" on the air.

The most recent vulgarity came from CNN national correspondent Susan Candiotti Sunday during a report on the shooting spree in Tulsa, Oklahoma (video follows with transcript and commentary, serious vulgarity warning):

FREDRICKA WHITFIELD, ANCHOR: All right, disturbing new developments surfacing in just the last few hours concerning the shooting spree in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Two men are now under arrest for the shootings of five African-American men.

Three of those victims died. Both suspects are white and today Tulsa authorities are sorting through the suspect's Facebook pages, where they are finding racist comments and a personal anniversary. Let's bring in Susan Candiotti. She's following the story in Tulsa. So, what you have you learned about the suspects and what was going on in their lives?

SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Fredricka, some very interesting, and as you indicated, disturbing information about his background.

Family and friends of one of the two suspects in this case, 19-year- old Jacob England, tells us that he has been undergoing psychiatric counseling and taking medications ever since his father was murdered, was killed, almost two years ago to the day of these shootings that happened here in Tulsa.

We understand, CNN has learned from police and according to documents as well, and from relatives, that a couple of years ago, England's father was responding to his daughter, who was asking for help when her house was being broken into.

He went after the suspect in this case, he, the father. The two had a fight. Mr. England's father was not armed, but the other man was. Turned around and shot him. That man, evidently, according to court documents that we have found, indicate that he was not prosecuted for that crime.

Now, this, according to relatives, has troubled him ever since and CNN has also discovered what police have. There was a Facebook posting made just the other day, written by the suspect in this case, that police are examining.

And it reads like this, "Today is two years that my dad has been gone, shot by" -- and please excuse the language, it's very sensitive, "shot by a fucking nigger." It's hard not to go off between that and Charon."

Charon is a, we have to pause and say is England's girlfriend who according to family members committed suicide in front of the suspect in this case just last December in front of him and in front of their baby.

The Facebook posting goes on to say, I'm gone in the head. Dad and Charon, his girlfriend, I love and miss you, I think about you both every second of the day. Now we have learned that this is something that police are taking a very close look at, to see whether this might be a motive in this case -- Fred.

WHITFIELD: OK and then, what happened, Susan, when trying to reach out to those who know these gentlemen? Did any neighbors have anything to say about them?

CANDIOTTI: Well, there -- yes, everyone is trying to make some sense of this. A woman who lives across the street who has known the family since they were children said that she can't get over what happened.

She said that she heard some gunshots fired there at the night of the shootings over at the house where he was living, and heard some disturbances the other night, but says she finds it hard to fathom this arrest. Listen.


SYNITA BOWERS, SUSPECT'S NEIGHBOR: He's just a nice young man. I can't even imagine him in this, now drugs, yes, but a killing? I can't imagine it. Not Jake.


CANDIOTTI: Now, again, police are trying to figure out more about the suspect in this case. Certainly, the community is very relieved that two people have been arrested and we expect a news conference in just a couple of hours -- Fred.

WHITFIELD: All right, Susan Candiotti in Tulsa. We apologize to our viewers for such profanity being used on our air. And we'll be right back with much more in the NEWSROOM.

This on air vulgarity - which occurred at 2:39 in the afternoon on Easter Sunday! - was exactly the same thing CNN's Drew Griffin uttered on March 22. He also was quoting what a white man implicated in a hate crime against a black man allegedly said.

Can the F-word and the N-word now be used on CNN if they dramatize racism?

Should Americans expect more of such language on newscasts in the coming months as the Obama-loving media try to gin up a race war to assist the President's reelection?

As NewsBusters reported Sunday, HDNet's Dan Rather predicted this weekend that race will be a factor in the upcoming presidential campaign.

With the Trayvon Martin incident looking to come to a head as a Florida grand jury decides whether or not to prosecute George Zimmerman, along with this new incident in Tulsa, the press are going to have many opportunities to make it seem America is back in the Jim Crow era.

Let's hope they don't include any more gratuitous F-bombs and N-words.

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