On Tuesday morning, CNN’s New Day featured a hit piece on Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. The report, conducted by CNN correspondent Drew Griffin, alleged without evidence that Chao may be using her office as a tool to help her family’s business, the Foremost Group.

On Sunday evening, CNN Newsroom ran a full report in which correspondent Drew Griffin bemoaned EPA acting head Andrew Wheeler's efforts to cut regulations, as well his past ties to the coal industry and his work for Republican Senator James Inhofe, whom Griffin derided as a "climate change denier."

A video tweeted by CNN on Wednesday has been making the rounds, in which the network’s special investigations unit reporter Drew Griffin harasses an elderly Florida woman in for supposedly being “influenced by Kremlin-linked trolls.”

The narrative that blacks are violently targeted by police officers out of racism is so entrenched in the media that journalists sometimes forget that some police officers involved in widely-reported violence with black suspects are either black or Hispanic, and not white. On Thursday's Erin Burnett OutFront, CNN correspondent Drew Griffin mistakenly identified the police officer who tragically killed black motorist Philando Castile as being "white" even though former Officer Jeronimo Yanez is Hispanic.

Donald Trump’s past political contributions came back to haunt him Tuesday, as it came to light that back in 2013 he illegally donated to Pam Bondi who was running for Florida Attorney General. “In 2013, the Donald J. Trump Association donated $25,000 to a super PAC tied to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi as her office was considering a fraud investigation into Trump University,” reported Katy Tur on NBC Nightly News. NBC was the only network to report the story, and in their rush to slam Trump they omitted some important details. 

Despite serious legal and ethical questions being raised about the Clinton Foundation having high-level access to Hillary Clinton’s State Department while accepting large foreign donations, a CNN report on Thursday revealed that the Obama Justice Department squashed an FBI investigation into the matter. So far, the broadcast networks have censored any mention of the growing scandal.

CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday refreshingly aired a full report on the questionable donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign government and multi-national corporations. Drew Griffin noted that "there's no question the Clinton Foundation has received tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments," and pointed out those from "Middle Eastern countries with poor human rights records." Griffin later underlined that "even with private companies, there's smoke," and cited Monsanto's donations to the foundation as an example.

It's been more than six weeks since Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump chose not to attend a GOP debate hosted by the Fox News Channel to put on a rally he said raised $6 million for veterans, and since then, only the Cable News Network has asked the crucial question: “What happened to Trump's donations to veterans?”

According to an article by CNN investigators Drew Griffin, Curt Devine and Mercy Yang, Trump “hosted the fund-raiser on January 28 in Des Moines, Iowa, after deciding to skip a Fox News debate due to an ongoing feud” with Megyn Kelly, host of the popular weeknight program The Kelly File.

On Friday's Anderson Cooper 360, CNN correspondent Drew Griffin filed a report painting conservative opponents of President Barack Obama's gun control initiatives as conspiracy theorists, following up on the previous report finding that a number of gun owners in Florida are suspicious that Obama wants to go further with gun control that he is letting on.

Wednesday's Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN ran a report by correspondent Drew Griffin fretting over NRA-inspired laws in some "conservative" states that forbid police departments from destroying confiscated guns, with such laws aiming to encourage the police to sell the weapons and use the funds raised to help pay for law enforcement activities.

On Wednesday's Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, host Anderson Cooper and Senior Investigative Correspondent Drew Griffin called out Hillary Clinton for claiming that the VA's backlog problems have "not been as widespread as it has been made out to be," as Griffin asserted that her words "stunned a lot of people," and that veterans he spoke to, on both sides of the political divide, "None of them, I should say, Anderson, are happy that she's tried to make this a political issue."

Tuesday's Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN revealed that "wait times inside many V.A. health facilities are growing longer, not shorter. Right now, a half million veterans are...waiting, in many cases, more than 90 days to see a doctor." Drew Griffin uncovered documents that "just this past August in Phoenix, there were more than 8,000 appointments waiting more than 90 days." Griffin pointed out that this is "the same Phoenix V.A. where last year, CNN uncovered the fact that veterans were dying while waiting for care."