Woody Harrelson on GOP: 'The S--t Those People Say Just Makes Me Weep for Humanity'

As NewsBusters reported last Wednesday, the stars and executives involved in the production of HBO's Sarah Palin-bashing film "Game Change" have given $200,000 to Democrats and liberal causes in recent years whilst donating absolutely nothing to Republicans.

Now we learn from a Men's Journal interview with "Game Change" star Woody Harrelson that what members of the GOP say makes him "weep for humanity" (MJ questions in bold, Harrelson's answers in regular print, serious vulgarity warning):

On if he is more sympathetic toward Republicans after making Game Change:

“Fuck, no! The shit those people say just makes me weep for humanity!”

For the record, he played the backstabbing failure Steve Schmidt who was the senior adviser to the McCain-Palin campaign.

Isn't it just wonderful that one of the stars of a film about Republicans can't stand the GOP?

But of potentially greater import and even more telling, he likes - wait for it - Steve Schmidt:

On spending time with Steve Schmidt, the political consultant he portrays in Game Change:

“I wouldn’t imagine myself wanting to have anything to do with the guy, but I really found myself liking him. He’s a political animal, but I feel like he’s an idealist and not bogged down in all the bullshit. Let’s face it. Obama was a phenomenon. They knew they were going to get beat, so choosing Palin was just a Hail Mary pass. It was just a wild idea.”

So, the stuff Republicans say makes Harrelson "weep for humanity," but he "really" liked Schmidt.

Says a lot about both of them, doesn't it?

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