Media Myth Debunked: Income Inequality Is Actually Plummeting

Since the first Occupy Wall Street protest, you haven't been able to swing a dead cat in this country without hitting an Obama-loving media member carping and whining about income inequality.

Yet according to this chart created by the nation's largest federation of trade unions the AFL-CIO, the difference between average CEO and average worker pay has been plummeting since the year 2000:

As you can see, the real explosion in income inequality happened in the '90s as stock prices went through the rough during the tech bubble.

Yet from 2000 through 2009, this disparity actually declined by 50 percent.

To assist in furthering the point, NewsBusters member Gary Hall has added to the AFL-CIO's chart:

In reality, the real creator of income inequality in recent decades was - wait for it!- Bill "I Feel Your Pain" Clinton.

You remember the media complaining in 2000 when the average CEO was making 525 times the average worker?

No, I don't either.

But the best is still to come because the president that radically narrowed this disparity in pay was - wait for it again! - George W. Bush!

Despite this narrowing, Bush is depicted as a pawn of the wealthy and enemy of the common man.

With this data from the AFL-CIO, maybe he should be the Occupy movement and its media minions' hero rather than their goat.

Additionally, since this income disparity exploded under Clinton, maybe his fans in the press should reconsider their love for the economy of the '90s.

Unless, of course, income inequality really doesn't matter if it can't advance their liberal agenda.

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