'Obamas' Author Rips Soledad O'Brien: 'By Her Logic We Wouldn't Write Obituaries Because We Can't Talk to the Dead People'

As NewsBusters reported Friday, CNN's Soledad O'Brien had a completely unprofessional interview with "The Obamas" author Jodi Kantor wherein she mercilessly grilled the writer for having the nerve to criticize the first lady in her book.

Kantor struck back on Monday's Daily Show saying, "By her logic we wouldn't write obituaries because we can't talk to the dead people" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

"The White House really cooperated with the book," Kantor told host Jon Stewart.

"Who talks to you about their relationship?" he asked.

"33 current and former White House aides," responded Kantor. "A lot of their best friends. And also, I've interviewed the Obamas a bunch of times."

After Stewart joking asked for names, Kantor replied, "There are such figures as Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs. Also, I fact-checked the book."

Stewart joked, "What? What kind of writer are you?"

Kantor laughed and then added, "So the White House pretty much knew what was in it before it came out."

"Who is mad at you?" asked Stewart. "The lady on CNN was angry that you had not spoken to the couple since 2009."

"Well, by her logic," Kantor replied, "we wouldn't write obituaries because we can't talk to the dead people."

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