Texas Congressman Takes on Media's Occupy Wall Street Tea Party Double Standard

For months NewsBusters has been reporting the absurd double standard regarding media's coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement versus the Tea Party.

On Friday, Congressman Lamar Smith (R-Tx.) wrote an op-ed for Accuracy in Media concerning this matter asking, "Why have the mainstream media vilified the peaceful Tea Party all the while praising and celebrating Occupy Wall Street despite violence, clashes with police, and general lawlessness?":

Tea Party organizations and rallies were initially ignored by the press and then dismissed as radical zealots as the Occupy Wall Street crowd was immediately recognized as leading the voice of “the 99%.”

Our national media should be held accountable for their performance, just like any other institution. We need to remind the media of their profound obligation to provide the American people with the facts, rather than tell them what to think.

The Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements may both have legitimate grievances with our country, but distorting their images does not move us towards positive solutions. We can work together to increase awareness of bias in the media and encourage Americans to confront it and demand fair reporting.

Hear, hear!

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