George Will: Money in College Sports Leads to 'Moral Derangement'

Conservative columnist George Will, one of the nation's biggest sports fans amongst political commentators, came out Sunday with a strong indictment of not only the Penn State University child sex abuse scandal, but also what he believes is the corrupting force of college sports on education.

Speaking on ABC's This Week, Will said, "What we still need to learn is how graphic was the description that the assistant coach gave to Joe Paterno about what he'd seen in the shower because that would tell us the degree of Joe Paterno's culpability."

Paterno is the storied head coach of the football team in question released by the University last week.

Will continued, "When you graft a multi-billion-dollar entertainment industry anomalously on to higher education, you produce a bubble of entitlements and exemptions, and eventually a simple moral derangement."

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