Shocking AP Headline: 'Obama Disconnects Rhetoric, Reality'

Many right-thinking Americans have been wondering when Obama-loving news outlets would notice that even Democrats don't support the president's new jobs bill.

On Monday, the truth came from a surprising source - the Associated Press:

In President Barack Obama's sales pitch for his jobs bill, there are two versions of reality: The one in his speeches and the one actually unfolding in Washington.

When Obama accuses Republicans of standing in the way of his nearly $450 billion plan, he ignores the fact that his own party has struggled to unite behind the proposal.

When the president says Republicans haven't explained what they oppose in the plan, he skips over the fact that Republicans who control the House actually have done that in detail.

And when he calls on Congress to "pass this bill now," he slides past the point that Democrats control the Senate and were never prepared to move immediately, given other priorities. Senators are expected to vote Tuesday on opening debate on the bill, a month after the president unveiled it with a call for its immediate passage.

Yes, those paragraphs are really from an AP piece. So's this one:

For example, when Obama says his jobs plan is made up of ideas that have historically had bipartisan support, he stops the point there. Not mentioned is that Republicans have never embraced the tax increases that he is proposing to cover the cost of his plan.

So Obama has been less than honest concerning this matter. If only his supporters at most of the other news outlets would notice and share the inconvenient truth as the AP did.

As an interesting sidebar, when this piece was originally published, NewsBusters member Bob Keyser observed the following at the end of the article: "EDITOR'S NOTE _ An occasional look behind the rhetoric of public officials."

As you can see in the PDF he sent me of the piece, this was there as of 9:28 AM. Now it's not.

I wonder if the editor realized he or she was divulging too much about the rarity of such honesty.


*****Update: The Washington Post published this AP piece with the editor's note. That means the folks at Yahoo decided to remove it. Nice!

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