Dennis Miller: I Don't Like Obama Anymore 'Because He Doesn't Like Me and Around 50 Percent of America'

"I don't like Barack Obama anymore. You know why? Because he doesn't like me and around 50 percent of America."

So said Dennis Miller on Fox News's "O'Reilly Factor" Wednesday as a result of the President not speaking out against the disgraceful Labor Day comments by Teamsters president James Hoffa (video follows with transcript and commentary):


BILL O'REILLY, HOST: President Obama out on the road for the Great American Jobs Act. And you say?

DENNIS MILLER: Listen, we can all play this game, and I don't want to have the racist dime dropped on me. This guy's first three years has been a mess, and even Democrats must know that on some level. It's an absolute mess.

But I've got to tell you. I was on vacation last week. I don't pay as much attention as I usually do when I'm on vacation. But I'm off this guy completely. First off, when he -- it's three strikes, Billy. When he came in and said he'd take public funding right off the bat and he didn't I thought, OK. He has trouble with the truth. That's fine. Most politicians do.

Second strike was when he said he wanted unions and this card check thing to vote out loud. That's so anti-American to me when anybody has to vote out loud. I'm against that. But I was willing to give him the third shot when he's the president.

I'm on vacation last week, and I see this stiff Hoffa, and he's up there talking about, you know, essentially threatening people, calling them SOBs, and I thought well, Obama can't track everybody down who uses his name in vain.

Then I hear that that's in an actual introduction to Obama. That Obama came up right after that, and he didn't have a Sister Souljah moment where he looked at him and said, "I told you right after Gabby Giffords shut up with that crap." I don't like Barack Obama anymore. You know why? Because he doesn't like me and around 50 percent of America. He's not sticking up for us. It's time for this guy to go next year. He's inept, and he's officially creepy after not chiding Hoffa Jr. for saying that, for God's sake.

O'REILLY: Did you ever like him, Miller? Did you ever like Barack Obama?

MILLER: Sure I did. How many months did we -- when I said, when I saw him in Grant Park that night, and I thought about, you know, black kids in this country and how they've had to look up to guys sticking syringes in their asses to hit home runs or guys rapping about, you know, women in such misogynistic terms, I thought this is a great moment for this country to right a lot of wrongs.

So I came out of the box. I didn't vote for him, but I thought, "This will be a good thing." Around six months in I began to get it. He's inept. He's not that good at it. He's got a little more Chicago thug in it than I thought he did. And the other day, when he didn't defend me against an idiot like Hoffa, he just lost me. I want him -- I'm voting him out next year to the best that I can which is one vote.

Given recent polls and the surpising Republican Congressional victory Tuesday in a New York district that hasn't gone for the GOP since 1920, it is clear that a lot of Americans are beginning to feel the same way as Miller.

What we hear so much from the public lately is a sense of anger about this president concerning the job he's doing.

Although they refuse to admit it, the media bear a lot of the blame for not only doing a horrible job of vetting the former junior senator from Illinois in 2008, but also assisting his campaign in presenting an image of Obama as a messiah that was going to instantaneously solve all the world's problems.

Now that that hasn't happened, he looks like a far bigger failure than a "regular guy" would have in the same situation. His advanced billing was so hyped and grandiose that his fall from grace is much larger in scope. 

Although Obama didn't know it at the time, his adoring press ended up being his own worst enemy as their adoration put him on a pedestal he could not possibly remain at forever. His missteps have become far more glaring thereby intensifying the public's rage. 

Part of this is also likely a subconscious self-blame in his former supporters. Now that his nakedness has been so clearly exposed, they feel ashamed at how easily they were duped.

This could help to explain what happened in New York's ninth Congressional district Tuesday. Voters that for decades instinctively went to the left went right in order to atone for the mistake they made in November 2008.

If this continues, and millions of Americans feel the need to massage their bruised egos with a vengeance vote, November 2012 could end up being the Left and their media minions' worst nightmare.

Maybe so-called journalists should in the future think better of assisting candidates presenting themselves as false idols.

Stick to the facts and people won't be as disappointed when things don't work out.

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