Maher Tells Leno That Bush, Palin, Perry and Bachmann Are Idiots - But He Doesn't Know Iowa Has Caucuses

Within seconds of his introduction on Friday's "Tonight Show," Bill Maher attacked leading Republicans.

In a truly delicious example of instant karma, moments after calling Dan Quayle, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann idiots, the pompous, more arrogant than most Maher spoke of how important the "Iowa primary" is (video follows with commentary):

After some brief introductory chitchat, Leno went right to last week’s Republican presidential debate.

“Talk about a who’s who of who’s nuts,” Maher quipped.

“You think, you know, over the years that they’ve reached a bottom. Like somebody like Dan Quayle would have been the stupidest person ever, and then a Mr. George Bush steps up to the plate, and then you think that can’t get any worse, and a Miss [sic] Sarah Palin emerges, and then a Michele Bach [sic], and there’s Rick Perry - this is a man who will not be out-hillbillied.”

This happened within the first minute of his introduction and continued throughout much of the segment before a commercial break.

In this midst of all this Republicans are the dumbest people on the face of the planet talk came this gem: “You know, of course, everybody up on that stage is vying basically to win the Iowa primary.”

Hey Bill: Iowa has caucuses not primaries. They've been the first step in the presidential nomination process since 1972 when you were sixteen.

As such, since he's been old enough to vote, the Iowa caucuses have been quite important to our democratic process.

But Maher - who is regularly invited on television programs as if a political expert calling everyone with an "R" next to his or her name an idiot - doesn't know a basic tenet of presidential campaigns.

Maybe if he stopped throwing stones rather than getting stoned he wouldn't be such a dunce.

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