Robert Redford on Obama: 'Like So Many Others I'm Beginning to Wonder Just Where the Man Stands'

September 3rd, 2011 10:31 AM

Barack Obama's Hope and Change ether appears to be wearing off on Robert Redford.

On Friday evening, the Oscar-winning actor and environmental activist published a rather scathing piece at the Huffington Post about the man Hollywood blindly put all its faith behind in 2008:

One reason I supported President Obama is because he said we must protect clean air, water and lands. But what good is it to say the right thing unless you act on it?  Since early August, three administration decisions -- on Arctic drilling, the Keystone XL pipeline and the ozone that causes smog -- have all favored dirty industry over public health and a clean environment. Like so many others, I'm beginning to wonder just where the man stands.

After listing his grievances with recent Obama environmental decisions, Redford concluded:

I have to believe that President Obama still knows it's important to protect clean air, water and lands. Like so many, I'm waiting for him to stand up for all that. I'm waiting for him to stand up for our future. But we can't wait forever.

In reality, what Americans from all walks of life are learning - even Hollywoodans! - is the man they fell in love with despite his record or lack thereof really has no core beliefs or deeply-held positions.

He is an illusion masterfully crafted by himself, his handlers, and his sychophant supporters in the press.

What Redford and "so many others" are beginning to realize is that when you strip back the veneer, there's nothing but cheap particleboard held together with Elmer's Glue.

Nevertheless, they'll all happily support him next November despite his deficiencies and their disappointment.

Makes you wonder whose hypocrisy is worse - his or theirs.