Tina Brown: Cheney's Foreign Policy Has Been 'Validated By Obama'

Tina Brown seems to be very conflicted about her opinion of Dick Cheney.

After telling the "Morning Joe" panel the former Vice President is a "wrecking ball" who "seems to be totally in denial still about Iraq," the Daily Beast-Newsweek editor said moments later, "He's been validated by Obama" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

TINA BROWN, DAILY BEAST-NEWSWEEK: I mean, you know, Cheney seems to be totally in denial still about Iraq. I mean, totally in denial. You know, he just doesn't want to admit that, you know, he and Rumsfeld were just wrong and got it wrong, and we’ve paid a horrendous price for it. So he's in total denial. One of the things I feel is just, you know, you get reminded again of what a kind of wrecking ball the guy was.

Moments later, when the discussion turned to how anti-war Democrat presidential candidates become far more hawkish if elected, Brown changed her tune:

BROWN: Well, I mean, Dick Cheney could argue that we're all Cheneyites now in the sense that…


BROWN: … here is Obama, you know, with Guantanamo and the drones. I mean, this is all…

SCARBOROUGH: Triple the number of troops.

BROWN: Absolutely, it’s Cheney-like.

SCARBOROUGH: We're firing drones into Somalia. Dropping bombs on a country we're not at war at. Yemen.

BROWN: He's been validated by, by, by Obama.

SCARBOROUGH: He has. I said that yesterday. Boy, the tweets. Whoa!

So does that mean Obama is also a wrecking ball totally in denial?

Not surprisingly, that didn't come up.

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