Al Sharpton Falsely Accuses Well-Known Isolationist Pat Buchanan of Supporting Iraq War

With each passing day it is becoming clearer and clearer the brainiacs at MSNBC replaced one blithering idiot in their 6PM time slot with another blithering idiot.

On Wednesday's "Morning Joe," Al Sharpton actually accused well-known isolationist Pat Buchanan of having supported the Iraq war (video follows with transcript and commentary):

AL SHARPTON: The George Bush mistakes were not blocked. The President's grand bargain was blocked. So I don't think you have the same thing. And I, I, I don't think that my friend Pat, who had no problem with Mr. Bush in the middle of two wars he created or going to Texas every chance he got, I think his opinion of the President's vacation, we'll give you some slack.

PAT BUCHANAN: Let me correct you here: I opposed George Bush's war in Iraq. Okay? I was against...

SHARPTON: Oh, you...

BUCHANAN: That's right.

SHARPTON: But you didn't oppose his vacations.

The ignorance on display by someone with his own one-hour national television program was scary.

Is there anyone in America familiar with Buchanan that doesn't know of his opposition to the Iraq war?

Maybe Sharpton should read Buchanan's March 2003 article at the American Conservative wherein he excoriated Bush and "neo-cons" for seeking to "ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America’s interest."

Buchanan took a lot of heat for that piece from Republicans at the time, but Sharpton was obviously oblivious.

Fortunately, Buchanan was there Wednesday to set the record straight.

However, what's truly concerning is that on his own program with nobody there to challenge him, Sharpton can say such utter falsehoods with total impunity.

Is a man so obviously unqualified someone the folks at MSNBC want representing their network?

Given their support for the totally inexperienced junior senator from Illinois in 2008, it appears the answer is "Yes."

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