Ed Schultz Edits Rick Perry to Falsely Accuse Him of Making Racist Remark About Obama

For months, NewsBusters has been warning readers that America's media are going to do everything in their power to label all contenders to Barack Obama racist.

On Monday's "The Ed Show," the host edited Rick Perry - in mid-sentence, mind you! - to falsely accuse the Texas governor of making a racist remark about America's first black president (video follows with partial transcript and commentary):

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Perry just inferred President Obama is not in love with the United States of America?

Yes, he really said "inferred" rather than "implied." He actually did it twice Monday evening.

This is the caliber of "journalist" that gets his own show on MSNBC. But I digress:

SCHULTZ: You know, folks, this is the same garbage with heard from Sarah Palin and all these Tea Party attack artists in this country. I think there`s an element of racism every time people claim the first black president doesn't love this country.

Perry comes from the radical country club that loves to remind white America President Obama is other, not like you.

Perry also wants you to know that he's pro-business.


PERRY: I'm a pro-business governor. I don`t make any apologies about it, and I will be a pro-business president. Getting America back to work is the most important issue that faces this country, being able to pay off $14.5 trillion or $16 trillion worth of debt. That big black cloud that hangs over America.


SCHULTZ: That black cloud Perry is talking about is President Barack Obama.

Actually, no.

If you look closely at that video, you'll notice that the sound ends after Perry says, "That big black cloud that hangs over America," but he's still speaking.

Want to know what he said that Schultz and MSNBC intentionally cut out?

"That big black cloud that hangs over America, that debt that is so monstrous."

Perry wasn't suggesting, implying, or "inferring" that the "big black cloud that hangs over America" is President Obama.

He clearly - both before the phrase "big black cloud" and after - said he was speaking about America's debt.

Yet Schultz and his staff edited Perry in mid-sentence to make it appear the Texas governor was making a racist remark about Obama.

In any other industry in this nation, such intentionally dishonest and misleading behavior would be met with the harshest of consequences.

Why is this standard operating procedure at MSNBC? 

(Grateful H/T Breitbart TV)

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