Newsweek Cover Focuses on Mitt Romney Being Mormon (With Image from Anti-Mormon Musical)

Is it appropriate to be focusing on a presidential candidate's religion in 2011?

Newsweek certainly thinks it is, and created a cover for its June 13-20 issue prominently highlighting Mitt Romney being a Mormon in a fashion that is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows:

What you probably can't make out is the following at Romney's right bicep:

Yes, it says, "Mitt Romney, Mormon for President!"

Not very subtle, is it?

The image led Real Clear Politics' Tom Bevan to tweet Sunday, "This leaves me dumbfounded."

In fairness to Newsweek, this cover is a parody of the poster of the Broadway show "The Book of Mormon" as marvelously discovered by my Twitter pal @ClericalGal.

But is this an appropriate way to introduce a serious presidential candidate to your readers?

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