Paul Ryan: 'A Budget for the 21st Century'

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) has an absolutely must-read op-ed in Friday's Washington Post.

What follows is just a tease, as readers are strongly encouraged to review the entire marvelous piece:

This week the House of Representatives will take the first real step in addressing our looming fiscal crisis by bringing “The Path to Prosperity,” a budget resolution for next year and beyond, to the House floor. This budget offers a clear contrast to the president’s speech on Wednesday.

It offers a contrast in credibility. Unlike the president’s speech, which was rhetorically heated but substantively hollow, our budget contains specific solutions for confronting the debt and averting the most predictable crisis in our nation’s history. It also offers a contrast in visions. Unlike the speech, our budget advances a vision of America in which government both keeps its promises to seniors and lives within its means.

Do yourself a favor - read the whole thing.

You'll fully understand if you don't already why Obama, the Democrats, and their media minions are doing their best to paint this man as an un-American extremist.

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