After NOW's Weak Response to 'Dumb [Vagina]' Maher Calls Palin and Bachmann Bimbos

March 26th, 2011 4:20 PM

As NewsBusters reported Wednesday, the National Organization for Women's weak response to Bill Maher referring to Sarah Palin as a highly derogatory term for a woman's vagina in no way discouraged the "Real Time" host or the television network he represents from making these sexist attacks.

Proving this point, Maher called Palin and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) bimbos on Friday's show (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER: Well, you know, a birther could be running for president. Michele Bachmann this week threw her hat into the ring kind of. We think she’s going to be running for president. For those who find Sarah Palin too intellectual.

[Laughter and applause]

MAHER: Michele Bachmann for President. As a comedian, all I have to say is where can I donate to this cause?

[Laughter and applause]

MAHER: I love this, if Bachmann and Palin get in, that’s two bimbos, and then there's Mitt Romney, a millionaire, and Newt Gingrich, a professor. We just need a skipper and a buddy – we’ve got “Gilligan’s Island.”

[Laughter and applause]

So, last week Maher called Palin a "dumb twat," and NOW responded with a statement that didn't mention him, the name of his show, or HBO. As I noted at the time, this certainly wasn't an effective admonishment for it had absolutely no impact on the comedian or the television network he represents.

Obviously, that ended up being the case, for Maher clearly wasn't given any instruction this week to tone down his sexist attacks.

For those not completely familiar with the term, bimbo when directed at a female means "an attractive but stupid young woman, especially one with loose morals."

The women at NOW should be so proud of themselves for in no way discouraging this kind of attack. In fact, one could make the case that by not mentioning Maher or HBO in their statement concerning this matter, he was de facto given their blessing as someone they're not going to admonish for sexism when it's directed at conservative women.

At the very least, it seems that's the way he took it.  

As for Bachmann, I guess Maher doesn't know she holds not one but two degrees from different law schools.

This mustn't be "intellectual" enough for him.