Chris Matthews Attacks 'Fear Mongering,' 'Looney Tunes,' 'Completely Crazy' Glenn Beck

Having mercilessly attacked Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) for six days in a row, MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Wednesday set his sights on conservative talk show host Glenn Beck.

After an opening teaser in which the "Hardball" host referred to "the right-wing freak-out over Egypt," Matthews ended up doing two segments about the Fox News star in which he and his perilously liberal guests called the object of their disaffection a "fear mongering," "completely crazy," "full mooner," "Captain Queeg" (videos follow with partial transcripts and lengthy commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Plus, the right-wing freak-out over Egypt. Take Glenn Beck - please. Here’s his delusional analysis. The pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt could lead to a Muslim takeover of the world and the establishment of a new Islamic caliphate. Did you get that? While the rest of the world is trying to figure out a solution to this crisis, Beck is trying to terrify people and ultimately blame -- guess who? – President Obama and the liberals. Beck’s "Back to the Future" machine hits fifth gear.

That was the teaser.

Following a lengthy segment about the crisis in Egypt, "Hardball" returned from a commercial break offering unsuspecting viewers the following: 


GLENN BECK, HOST, FOX NEWS "GLENN BECK": And you’re not being told the full truth by the same people that didn’t tell you the full truth before 9/11. They were nonchalant about the threat of -- before 9/11 and they’re doing it now! The same people are telling you now that the Muslim Brotherhood and the fall of Egypt is all about freedom. It is not! It is not about freedom. It is not about democracy. It is about an Islamic state.


MATTHEWS: We’re back.

That was Glenn Beck last night on his program, warning his audience about an Islamic state takeover of the world, basically. (INAUDIBLE) describe what he calls the worst-case scenario, which he thinks is somewhat imminent, a caliphate that starts in Egypt and spreads to nearby countries all through Europe. Europe’s going to be taken over. (INAUDIBLE) actually, to distract us from any kind of serious conversation that might involve thought.

Matthews then brought on perilously liberal guests David Corn of Mother Jones and Joan Walsh of Salon to assist him in the Beck bashing:

MATTHEWS: This is -- I do not use the term lightly -- "Looney Tunes," but that is what he’s selling."

WALSH: It’s "Looney Tunes."

MATTHEWS: Your thoughts?

WALSH: It’s "Looney Tunes."

MATTHEWS: And what -- what is it about? Why are they doing this?

WALSH: You asked -- well, I think we know what it’s about.

It’s two things. He is definitely losing his audience. He’s lost it by about a third. And he may be losing his mind. He really may be losing his mind. I mean, this is so crazy, if you really watch that whole thing. And China, I think, is going to take over, and they’re going to reach down to Australia, and then Russia is going to grab every -- I mean, it’s -- it’s nuttiness, but it --

MATTHEWS: It’s Captain Queeg stuff. It is Captain Queeg stuff.

WALSH: It’s -- it’s Captain Queeg stuff.

MATTHEWS: And, by the way, the bunny rabbit and the chain saw the other night, I thought he had -- I don’t want to -- I don’t know about a guy’s psychological or mental or -- or even emotional condition. I can only watch.

But when a guy pulls out a chain saw and threatens to cut the rabbit in half, and then says --


MATTHEWS: -- I guess that’s what you thought I was going to do, you have to wonder, why did you want us to think that was what you were going to do?

WALSH: Well, and what is Roger Ailes thinking? I mean, I just have to ask that. He’s not a -- he’s not crazy. He’s got his own values.


WALSH: And, you know, but he’s a businessman. And -- and I feel like we are watching someone kind of fall apart on -- on television.



WALSH: And how much longer that’s going to go on, I -- I think, is a question.

CORN: It’s like a bad version of the movie "Network," you know --


CORN: -- where this guy is becoming un --


MATTHEWS: We sort of liked Peter Finch.

CORN: Yes. But, yes, he’s sort of telling --

WALSH: Yes. I mean --

CORN: -- speaking truth to power.

But Glenn Beck is coming up not just with conspiracy theories, but the most ridiculous ones, in which he really says that the -- that -- that the uber-left and the Islamists around the world are in cahoots together --

WALSH: Right.

CORN: -- to destroy the world.

MATTHEWS: OK. Let’s --


MATTHEWS: This reminded me, by the way -- I grew up with this as a kid. I thought he was trying to be Bishop Sheen here from the 1950s --

CORN: Yes.

MATTHEWS: -- with the blackboards and everything.


MATTHEWS: Here he is, professor Glenn Beck.By the way, I’m crazy as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore would be his Howard Beale line.


CORN: Yes.


MATTHEWS: Let’s take a look. Here he is with what he calls his evidence that the left -- by the way, that’s us, I suppose, around this table or nearby -- are causing and plotting the uprising in Egypt. The American left is doing this.

WALSH: Right.

MATTHEWS: Let’s listen to Glenn Beck.


BECK: We have evidence of the uber-left, the anarchists and the communists and the socialists, the radicals, sowing the seeds and helping those in Egypt.

They just -- all they want is more pressure on the United States. This isn’t about the people there. This is about changing the globe.

The storm that I have talked about for many years is here. The coming insurrection is here.


MATTHEWS: You know, Joan, I’m not sure what side he is on -- thinking people are on. I -- I assume he’s pro-American in some vague sense, but -- Beck is -- but was he saying that the left in America is trying to bring down the presidency of Barack Obama and using the caliphate to do it? Or what is --


MATTHEWS: -- Egypt --


MATTHEWS: We have organized -- like Oliver Stone, we have organized those crowds out there. We have done this. We who are against him have done this --

WALSH: We -- right.


MATTHEWS: -- to get them to dump Mubarak, a friend of the United States for 30 years, because he’s not perfect, and we have done it so we could establish Islamic rule in France, Portugal, Spain. It’s all part of a plan, so that’s why we don’t bomb Babylon in Iraq during our --

WALSH: Right.

MATTHEWS: -- our sorties over there.

WALSH: As though -- as though Islamic regimes are kind to the left, as though there’s a real natural alliance there.


WALSH: No, it’s completely crazy. And it all gets back to our president, who, you know, a lot of them want to insinuate he’s either soft on Islam or a Muslim himself.

You know, we have got our friend Frank Gaffney saying that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Obama administration and the government. They are going nuts on this question at a time when, let’s be honest, even --

MATTHEWS: I hadn’t heard that. You’re ahead of me on that one.

WALSH: Yes. Oh, yes.


MATTHEWS: The Irish neocon has struck again.

Notice Matthews' racist swipe at the Center for Security Policy's Frank Gaffney at the end there. These folks don't care how they besmirch conservatives, do they?

But conceivably the larger point here is that Matthews played exactly 141 words of Beck's comprising less than 60 seconds of air time from his entire one hour program Tuesday.

That's it.

What Matthews largely ignored was how Beck prefaced his comments that day:

BECK: But let me go to the one word that nobody is really explaining because it's crazy town. It's crazy town. And maybe it is. But the people planning it, the people who want change, they don't think it's crazy.

It's caliphate. And it's a system of government established in Islam. It represents political unity of the Muslim community and it is governed by Islamic law. It is a theocracy. That's all it is.

All Islamic governments would unify under a caliphate. History has seen them before. The last was being the Ottoman Empire. We haven't seen one since 1923. That's the Ottoman Empire shut down.

This is what groups like the Muslim Brotherhood -- who we'll get into in just a minute -- really want. Their offspring, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas. Hezbollah is the offspring, really, you know, of the crazy radicals that want a caliphate in Iran. Muslim Brotherhood, that is Hamas.

Listen to what a foreign minister of Iran said today. "With the knowledge that I have of the great revolutionary and history-making people of Egypt, I am sure they will play their role in creating an Islamic Middle East." That's a caliphate.

So, what happens? Well, unrest could spread like wildfire across the Middle East and into Europe. We're already seeing it. It's called the "Coming Insurrection."

Well, what happens if caliphate is established? Is it even realistic?

Last night, I talked about this on the program and I said to the producer, I said, can we just call some experts to see if they think I'm insane? Well, they think that some of the things that I'm about to show you are less likely. None of them had a problem with the Middle East part. They are more confidence in European than I do. I've seen friends fight.

Now, worst case scenario, it may not happen, but this is the goal of many of the people that are pulling the strings in the Middle East. Here's how a caliphate could play out.

Notice Beck asking, "[W]hat happens if caliphate is established? Is it even realistic?" He also told his audience that experts he called on the subject "think that some of the things that I'm about to show you are less likely" and advised viewers that what he was presenting was a "worst case scenario" that "may not happen."

As such, Beck wasn't predicting any of what he presented Tuesday evening. Instead, he was drawing from historical events to paint a worst case scenario of what could happen if the situation in Egypt turns into an Iran-style Islamic revolution leading to yet another Muslim theocracy in the Middle East.

Let's face it: this is indeed a scenario that has to scare American leaders that's certainly keeping Israelis up at night. European officials that have watched their Muslim populations explode in recent years having to cave to all sorts of sociological pressures known as dhimmitude must also be extremely concerned about what's happening in Egypt.

With that in mind, and in that context, was there really anything wrong with Beck educating his viewers about what this worst case scenario could be?

The reality is that most of the liberal media - Matthews included - have as they typically do romanticized what's happening in Egypt as a revolutionary movement overthrowing a tyrannical dictator who's been supported by America for decades. As these folks always fear offending Muslims, they have largely misrepresented who the Muslim Brotherhood are as well as that organization's possible motives.

By contrast, folks on the Right including Beck and Gaffney are examining scenarios such as what happened in Iran in the '70s and cautioning our government to act accordingly.

There is no question that not supporting the Shah was a horrible policy decision by President Carter for it ushered in an Islamic Revolution that is the cause of many of the world's problems today.

Rather than putting their heads in the sand blindly hoping this doesn't happen again and wishing for the Egypt crisis to end in a more Western style democracy, folks on the Right are urging Americans to consider other less pleasant possibilities.

Given what happened with Iran, doesn't that seem wise? Is what Beck has been doing since the crisis happened fear mongering or the dissemination of information the citizenry should be aware of?

Obviously, Matthews believes it's the former, and rather than allow that there are folks choosing not to bank on the rosy scenario, he opts to try to squelch such voices by calling them crazy just as he did again in the conclusion of Wednesday's program:

MATTHEWS: "Let Me Finish" tonight with the exploiters of trouble.

Whenever there is trouble facing in our country, there’s a predictable clack who pops up like bizarre jacks in the boxes. They scare us, set blame and try as best they can to reap the benefits.

Today’s number one exploiter of fear is Glenn Beck. Beck thinks he’s Bishop Sheen without a cape and collar. But, yes, he’s got blackboards and a kind of odd instructive manner that appeals to people who don’t have the time to dream up worse-case scenarios but are sometimes ready to give a listen to his brand of conspiracy.

The villain of all his conspiracies are -- the villain -- to keep the lessons handy -- Americans liberals, who don’t watch him, can’t stand him and see him quite frankly as a menace to society.

Yesterday, when he was -- we were giving you the latest news from Cairo and the White House, Beck was preaching the coming of the caliphate - - that’s right -- the coming of the caliphate.

Oh, we got trouble in River City -- the mad professor is prophesying now that Britain, France, Spain and Portugal are all going to be grabbed up by a second coming of the Ottoman Empire. There he is with his chalk.

Forget the names of the countries, the Fez is familiar. They’re coming and we’re goners. Don’t even bother buying green bananas. The time of the Beckoning or the reckoning is upon us.

Why is Beck selling this fear? Because he doesn’t want to deal with the problem at hand. It’s too tricky for him, as it is for most of us.

So, what are Beck and the troublemakers doing? They’re scaring people into a frenzy over the coming of a global caliphate. And to what effect? To fight for Mubarak? To place blame we don’t? To encouraged Mubarak to fight the people in the streets?

No, I’ll bet it’s to begin a long campaign of fear, something to talk about on the radio, something to scare people with -- like Beck’s claims that Barack Obama is a secret racist and we should shoot our political rivals in the head, the forehead to be exact, he says.

Or do we later something even more malicious in this man’s new crazed meanderings? Did I really hear him last night say that the past two American presidents made a point of having our bombers avoid targets in Ancient Babylon -- located in modern Iraq -- so that we, the America government could help make way for what was prophesized to be the seat of the eventual global caliphate? Is he nuts enough to be saying that George W. Bush and Barack Obama are in cahoots with the Islamist mission of world domination? Wonder where they held those meetings, those two, and how did this guy get in there to hear what was up?

Does anybody check this guy’s copy over there? Is FOX saying that they believe this stuff, this argument, the latest, that we should arm up personally, build our bunkers and vote against Democrats or any Republican that doesn’t side with Beck and Bachmann and the rest of this band of loony tunes?

Is that what Beck is doing? Or is Matthews once again trying to depict an opposing viewpoint as crazy because it goes against his liberal agenda and he doesn't want folks to in any way consider it?

Of course, this could all just be a juvenile retribution for Matthews as Beck on his radio program last week absolutely tore the "Hardball" host apart for his incessant attacks on Bachmann.

Here's the full video and transcript of Tuesday's "Beck." Watch and/or read it and decide for yourself:

GLENN BECK, HOST: Hello, America.

Just going over some of the questions. We have several programs this week, to go in depth on what is happening in Egypt and what is happening in the Middle East.

What's happening in Egypt matters. And I know it doesn't seem like it, because I've got news for you, like, really, trouble in the Middle East? Who would have seen that one coming?

But this is different. And we're going to cover a couple of things.

Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Ayers and Dohrn, they were involved in the flotilla, and also the Muslim Brotherhood. And is Turkey involved?

Who are organizing the riots? We're going to hit a little bit of this today.

What role are the Marxists playing in this?

It's important. But more importantly, we're going to talk about one word in the first few minutes of this broadcast. A deadline has been set now. Protest organizers want President Mubarak out of power. He just said that he will step down in September.

And I want you to listen carefully to what he also said.


PRES. HOSNI MUBARAK,EGYPT (through translator): I will continue to supervise the new government as it carries out its mission in a way that satisfies the nation. And to make sure that it performs in a way that satisfies the nation's demands for political, economic, and social reform, to create jobs and to fight poverty and accomplish social justice.


BECK: Isn't that weird? How often social -- I remember when I said, "social justice," what was it, about a year ago? Look out, social justice. There's trouble.

Isn't it weird how it's popping up everywhere now?

A million people flooded the streets today across Egypt. That's about 250,000 in Cairo alone. I'm sure CBS News is reporting only 88,000. But there are a lot of people there.

You've probably seen the latest images on the news. You may have heard reports now that Jordan's king, King Abdullah, has dissolved his government today. Wow, that's kind of a big deal, isn't it?

What you probably haven't heard is this one word that brings together all of it. One word, "caliphate." "Caliphate."

Most Americans don't know what a caliphate is. And you have to teach your friends and neighbors. Caliphate is like an empire. We'll explain here in a second.

But, first, I want to know what is driving people, because it's not -- a caliphate is driving some. But this whole crowd -- this isn't driven by the caliphate. What's driving the average Egyptian, what has changed? They've had Mubarak for 30 years. Why all of a sudden? What's happened?

Well, there are a couple of things. And you'll understand it -- by today and tomorrow, you will understand there are strings being pulled. You're watching a well-orchestrated campaign, but it all really started for the average person with food.

Now, I know I have been made of relentlessly for being talking about being prepared. I know, I have some nerve telling people, live like your grandparents, you know, get prepared. Maybe do some canning like grandma used to, or have some food down in the basement, because food prices are going to rise. Yes.

I also said be prepared spiritually. I've -- look, that's what this is all about -- enlightenment, education, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Now, what does empowerment mean? What does that mean? Empowerment means don't be a slave to someone else. What is the easiest way to have you enslaved? Food -- if you don't have food. People can play you.

Please, if you take anything away from this show, please be prepared. Look at Egypt right now. These were people that were not prepared. Nobody warned them. People are now waiting in long lines in order to get a loaf of bread. Grocery stores have boarded up their windows and their doors, they can't get food.

So, now, you have angry people and we throw in a little hunger into the mix -- that's a deadly combination. Prepare. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up to being played.

"No, that's Egypt. It will never happen here." Really? Never happen here?

Let me try to explain it this way. We're now at the tip of the iceberg with this unrest. Oil closed at $90 today, just over $90. And with these new protests, and as things begin to decay -- and maybe I'm wrong, and I hope I am. Maybe I'm wrong. But as this thing begins to light a fire all across the globe, as each government dissolves, the price of oil is only going to get higher.

In December of 2007, remember oil was at the same price that it is now. It was in December. It was at $90 a barrel. And this is when everybody was saying, oh, it's fantastic! It's great!

Here's January. Look, as crude oil prices go up, housing prices go down. Six months later after it hit $140 a barrel, we had the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Today, oil hit a high of $92 a barrel. Well, that's during trading. Will it go up, will it go down? I don't know. How high will the prize of energies rise this time around? Maybe it's $80 a barrel. Maybe it's $100. Maybe $150 -- $150 we don't withstand.

What happens if radicals take over Egypt and the Suez Canal is shut down? More than 4 million barrels a day of crude oil are shipped through the Suez Canal. I almost said Panama Canal, because some other dope on TV said that the other day.

A pipeline -- a pipeline runs adjacent to it. What happens -- what happens if ships have to go around the southern tip of Africa? What does that cost? Is it now $200 a barrel?

America can't sustain energy costs at $125 a barrel. If you take anything from the show, prepare.

But let me go to the one word that nobody is really explaining because it's crazy town. It's crazy town. And maybe it is. But the people planning it, the people who want change, they don't think it's crazy.

It's caliphate. And it's a system of government established in Islam. It represents political unity of the Muslim community and it is governed by Islamic law. It is a theocracy. That's all it is.

All Islamic governments would unify under a caliphate. History has seen them before. The last was being the Ottoman Empire. We haven't seen one since 1923. That's the Ottoman Empire shut down.

This is what groups like the Muslim Brotherhood -- who we'll get into in just a minute -- really want. Their offspring, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas. Hezbollah is the offspring, really, you know, of the crazy radicals that want a caliphate in Iran. Muslim Brotherhood, that is Hamas.

Listen to what a foreign minister of Iran said today. "With the knowledge that I have of the great revolutionary and history-making people of Egypt, I am sure they will play their role in creating an Islamic Middle East." That's a caliphate.

So, what happens? Well, unrest could spread like wildfire across the Middle East and into Europe. We're already seeing it. It's called the "Coming Insurrection."

Well, what happens if caliphate is established? Is it even realistic?

Last night, I talked about this on the program and I said to the producer, I said, can we just call some experts to see if they think I'm insane? Well, they think that some of the things that I'm about to show you are less likely. None of them had a problem with the Middle East part. They are more confidence in European than I do. I've seen friends fight.

Now, worst case scenario, it may not happen, but this is the goal of many of the people that are pulling the strings in the Middle East. Here's how a caliphate could play out.

You have Somalia and Iran already in green. Now, let's add Tunisia. Former Tunisian government was considered one of the most secular and corrupt governments in the Arab world. The poor and the angry demanded changes. Most dangerous scenario is that radical Muslims seize power and put Sharia law into place.

Same thing now with Egypt. Here is Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood want this. They want a power-grab from Mubarak.

He's going to resign in September he said, just a few minutes ago. People are upset Mubarak doesn't take a hard line against Israel. Maintain the peace treaty with them. The Muslim Brotherhood, as you'll see in a minute, take a hard line against Israel.

This could very easily be 1979 Iran.

Then you have Jordan, the king is already considered a puppet because he sides with Western forces. Today, he said he's going to change out his government.

Then you have Syria. Here's Jordan. Here's Syria. Syria is already a puppet of the Iranians.

And then you have Yemen. This is Saudi Arabia. All of your oil comes from here.

Do you see what's happening? All of your oil -- you get your oil from here and here. How does that happen?

And we have Lebanon. Iranian-backed Hezbollah is in the driver's seat of their government.

If you go back to Africa, you have Nigeria. Parts of the country are already controlled by Sharia law.

Somalia, most of the country right now is living under Islamic law.

Sudan -- the country is split with Sudan. The north is imposing Sharia law already. The south is largely Christian. They're slaughtering each other.

Here's Algeria. Notice its location.

Algeria -- Al-Qaeda already has a significance perhaps there.

Then you have the Ivory Coast down here the election turmoil is going on right now between Christians and the new Islamic president.

And then you have all the other ones that are on a tipping point, already a hotbed of al-Qaeda activity. Libya -- Libya has already been anti-Israel, pro-terrorism for a long time.

And then you have morocco. Morocco -- important, significant al-Qaeda activity. The king has been battling. But if you go back here, you have - - remember, this is Iraq. Look at what you're surrounded by.

Iraq is really important, especially to the Shiites, especially to the Twelvers who are in charge of this country right now. Because what is in Iraq? There's one place that we told our bombers not to bomb. Does anybody know what it was?

Two wars in Iraq. We said no bombing there. Ancient Babylon. Ancient Babylon. Why? Because the Bible tells us that that is the seat -- right here -- of power of a global, evil empire.

Well, that's also where the 12th imam from Iran is supposedly going to show up. Everybody on this side wants ancient Babylon for their caliphate.

Turkey was originally the seat of the Ottoman Empire, the last caliphate. It's now modern day Turkey. It has Islamist government that is moving aggressively pro-Iran, anti-Israel.

Saudi Arabia, God help them, I don't know what happens to those guys. And the Gulf States are all nearly defenseless and tiny, all of them, throw them in. Do you have it?

Now, what happens? You move over to Asia and grab the ones -- once this dominoes starts to fall and the Muslims start to see oh, my gosh, we might have a caliphate. We might be able to have Islam impose Sharia law all over the globe. You start to lose all of Asia.

Now, let's go up this way, shall we? Turkey's prime minister came out and supported today the Egypt protesters. Morocco. Morocco -- if Morocco flips, it puts pressure on Portugal and Spain. It could close off the Strait of Gibraltar, which is right here.

We all know how weak this entire area. The Iberian Peninsula is very weak.

Let's talk about 22 percent unemployment in Spain. It's also once a Muslim land. They have high Muslim populations. It's already in trouble. Bad economic situations, food prices go up.

Well, let me ask you this. Here's Spain. Here's France. What happens to France?

You already have a lot of Algerians living there. If you go to Italy, you have the Libyans living there. You have Great Britain where many of them are from Pakistan.

So, what happens? What happens? This is the worst case scenario. But it is the best case scenario for the groups that are organizing the protest.

Now, this is not the average person in Egypt. These are the people that are trying to grab power. And it can happen because you're not being told the full truth and you're not being told the full truth by the same people who didn't tell you the full truth before 9/11. They were nonchalant about the threat before 9/11 and they're doing it now.

The same people are telling you now that the Muslim brotherhood and the fall of Egypt is all about freedom. It is not. It is not about freedom. It is not about democracy. It is about an Islamic state.

Here's the truth on the Muslim Brotherhood. It was founded in 1928 by an Egyptian school teacher who, in the wake of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the abolition of the caliphate, couldn't stand the broken state of the larger Muslim community. They believe that Islam is the answer to every aspect of life, the solution to every problem.

Here is their creed. I want you to see. God -- do we have it? It's coming. "God is our objective. The Koran is our constitution. The prophet is our leader. Struggle is our way. And death for the sake of God is the highest of ours aspirations." Really?

How do they feel about Israel? Well, a top official in the Muslim Brotherhood has just said that -- he said this while expressing support for the Egyptian protesters. And this is critical that you remember this. "The people should be prepared for war against Israel."

The brotherhood has openly supported violence and their spiritual leader and has just stated that, quote, "there is no dialogue between them and us in any one language" -- "in other than any one language. The language of the sword and force."

OK. Well, it's a good thing they're over there, huh? And they're leaving us alone? Not so much.

We did our homework the last few days and we found this document. You can see, we -- I can't really read that. We're like, hey, squiggly lines. That looks important.

We got this -- this is their official memorandum from the Muslim Brotherhood about their plans for North America. In the memorandum, it says right here: "Enablement of Islam in North America; meaning, establishing effective Islamic movement led by the Islamic Brotherhood, which adopts Muslim causes, domestically and globally, which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslim efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative" -- as a civilization alternative -- "and supports the global Islamic state wherever it is." the global Islamic state, that is a caliphate.

Now, who were some of the members? Because this remember is their document on their plan for America. It's available now at You need to read it.

Here are some of the graduates. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the hairy back guy. He's the architect of 9/11. Dr. al-Zawahiri -- this guy was arrested for membership of the Muslim Brotherhood. Later he went to Afghanistan, joined al Qaeda, and orchestrated the '97 massacre of 77 foreign tourists, do you remember, at Luxor.

And then you have Abdullah Azzam. He's a Palestinian who joined the Muslim Brotherhood at 18 and became a preacher. Oh, and he was also a mentor to that guy.

So, no big deal, right? Muslim Brotherhood, we should bring them to the table.

Let me show you the game that's being played right now. And you can find it in "The Coming Insurrection." You can find it in the Muslim Brotherhood. You can find it in "Reclaiming Revolution."

This is "Reclaiming Revolution." this is STORM. This is a militant communist group that Van Jones was part of. There were 13 members plus Van Jones.

And I was looking through this the other day and I found this. "The new political commitment to Marxist, Leninist politics raised questions about structure and potential for relevance and growth. You see, most young activists around us, particularly women and people of color, were hostile to revolutionary Marxism.

Would new members undermine the new political unity to red politics? Would there be political differences too large to resolve without divisive struggle and destructive arguments? Looking around us, we didn't think it was possible to build an explicitly Marxist organization.

And after the previous period of division and power struggles, it seemed risky to bring new people in to ours, but recently delicately cohered group."

In other words, what it's saying is we had to lie. We had to make this -- we had to present ourself as something else because we couldn't get people in.

So, let's see. Are these tactics being used that are outlined here, outline here and outline here? What does it mean? Let's look at the Muslim Brotherhood. As for the role of Ikhwan, it is the initiative pioneering leadership, raising the banner and pushing people in that direction." Pushing people -- otherwise known as nudge.

To do this, they say they need to -- they need to stress the need to master the art of coalitions. Wait minute, that's what the Marxist revolution said. Coalitions. Again, back to STORM. STORM members brought experience in militant street tactics, revolution agitation and coalition- building to this crucial fight.

Let me show this. We should bring their logo. OK. Here it is. This is the English Web site of the Muslim Brotherhood, the English Web site.

You see this, Muslim Brotherhood, official English Web site, look at the little girl and it says, "freedom." Now, look at the same Web site but in Arabic. Same Web site.

Bring this down, please. Muslim Brotherhood, what does it say? It's not a little kid. It doesn't say "freedom." It says, "prepare."

Suddenly, the little girl is gone and the swords are crossed and it says, "prepare." Prepare for what?

Wait a minute, what did that leader say? Oh, yes, prepare for war against Israel. I'd like it to be sunshine and lollipops, but I'm sorry, it's not.

More on the Muslim Brotherhood and their connections here -- coming up.

BECK: All right. All this week, we're going what is really happening in the Middle East and what are the connections and what is it mean to you here. Please DVR this program every night and write down the information, please, and share it with friends.

The Muslim Brotherhood is what we've been talking about tonight. Tomorrow, the radicals here in America that are operating as Marxists and communists that are in support of this.

But the Muslim Brotherhood isn't just operating overseas. We're not done with them yet. We showed you in their own words that their goals include the transformation of America in to an Islamic state, the destruction of the Western world.

Well, I want to show their branches or spinoffs that they've created, operating in the United States. We have the Muslim Student Association, North American Islamic Trust, Islamic Society of North America, the American Muslim Council, the Muslim American Society.

I can tell you why none of these things are on the board and I can tell you why nobody is saying this because I know all too well what kind of heat it will bring and undue influence and pressure. I mean, I can't have more enemies than I have already. But that's the truth.

Here in America, they are spreading their influence here through these organizations and internationally.

Let me show you where they are all over the world. This again is a group that wants a global caliphate and a destruction of the western world. You have them in Egypt and Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, us, and the U.K., all of it.

According to the Global M.B. report, there's also Canada. Almost all countries in the E.U., Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and Nigeria.

As the press continues to report on all the pro-democracy efforts by this group, a phrase is being used in the context of this conflict that jumped out at me. You heard it several times. And quite honestly, it's a word that -- it's two words that I warned you about because there's two meanings to the world.

There's the really happy, Jesus wants me to go help people. Allah wants me to go help people.

And then there is the caliphate or the totalitarian government that says, no, no, I'm telling you to help people it's called social justice. Look.


MOHAMED ELBARADEI, EGYPTIAN OPPOSITION LEADER: They have to listen to the people. Listen to them quickly. A new Egypt that is democratic, that's based on social justice.

Depend the rights of the Egyptian for their universal values, freedom, dignity, social justice.

Legitimate needs for democracy and social justice.


BECK: OK. Mubarak just said it an hour ago. He'll be gone in September, but he -- until then, he will be making sure there is social justice.

Be careful. It could be used for good, but it also is used to mask an agenda. Why would anybody claim that anyone is masking an agenda? I don't know. Read Van Jones' groups words. That's what they do. That's what they have to do.

Read "The Coming Insurrection." That's what they say they have to do, mask.

I'll let you decide which context this is. This is a shill for Iran. Is he using it in, you know, a bad one or is this just a catchy phrase -- catchy campaign slogan? Or does he mean it in a good way? I don't know.

There's one other slogan that has jumped out at me as well. They were promoting the January 25th, the Friday protest and they came up with a title in advance for them. Did you happen to catch what it was called?

Friday, this, was called the "day of rage." Because I have read all about the Marxist and the revolutionaries in America, I recognize the "day of rage." Where have I heard that before?

Oh, yes, that's right. We heard it before in the 1960s with Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. That's when they had the violent student riots in the 1960s. That was the day of rage.

Weather Underground talks about it in the Weather Underground's works. Huh, coincidence?

By the way, day of rage -- wasn't Frances Fox Piven recently just saying, where is the rage? Where is the outrage? Where is the anger? You've got get on the street and have riots and embrace your anger.

Why would anyone -- can you imagine if the Tea Parties called for a day of rage, what would be said? Something is wrong. Why in the world would Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn even care about Egypt at all? Oh, they do, they care deeply -- another connection. Next.

BECK: There's a question I'm guessing no one will ever ask. Why were Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers terrorists in the Weather Underground? And Code Pink founder Jodie Evans involved with the Muslim Brotherhood during in the Gaza flotilla.

Ayers and Dohrn organized an effort to bring political pressure to bear on the Mubarak regime and Israel to allow for the aid from Hamas, which is the Muslim Brotherhood, to be delivered through Egyptian checkpoints.

Remember Ayers and Dohrn participated in the Weather Underground, 1969 days of rage in Chicago. Last Friday's rioting in Egypt was dubbed by the Muslim Brotherhood "days of rage." What a coincidence.

Remember when we talked about that flotilla how tense the world was? Evans and Code Pink lobbied Mubarak's wife for assistance as well as U.S. embassy in Cairo. Guess who else was strong supporter of the flotilla?

The Muslim Brotherhood. Code Pink seems pretty darn cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood. Can you imagine a terrorist organization - can you imagine if any of us were cozy with Hamas?

Taking out a banner - they've gone so far to take out banner ads on the Muslim Brotherhood's official English language Web site. Now, I want you to see this because I don't even know what to think. I've never heard this kind of language before.

This is disturbing. "War arrests. Arrest the war criminals. Join us in cleansing our country." Cleansing our country? What does that even mean? I mean, cleanse the bathtub? Cleanse the kitchen floor, maybe? Cleanse my clothes? But cleanse my country?

Am I the only one that makes you think of ethnic cleansing? I've never heard anybody - cleanse the country? What does that even mean? That's disturbing. But remember, this is coming from a group who is friends with former Weather Underground members. And on tomorrow's program, we will show you how they meant cleansing back in the 1960s, because they did.

They talked about killing 25 million Americans who just wouldn't get it. I don't know if Code Pink is thinking that. But Code Pink is not shy about its support for Hamas.

The group bragged that Hamas terrorists guaranteed their safety in Gaza. I thought Code Pink was antiwar, antiviolence. Hamas? What are they doing with terrorists like Hamas?

It's interesting to note a few other leftists who seem somewhat involved in what is happening in Egypt. Believe it or not, Wade Rathke - Wade Rathke, the ACORN guy, and Drummond Pike of the Tides Foundation are both on the board of the organizers forum.

This is a forum that was planned to host their fall 2011 international dialogue in Egypt, where they will meet with labor and community organizers and other activists in Cairo.

I'm sure that they're just there for social justice. That's it. What a coincidence. Wade Rathke even put on his Web site - or this is actually not Wade's Web site. This is the coalition's - the forum's Web site.

It says, "Exciting changes and developments are currently taking place in Egypt with elections coming soon to determine leadership transitions in what has been an autocratic regime now challenged by the Muslim Brotherhood and succession and democracy issues."

Coincidence just doesn't seem to stop. Why would Rathke and Pike plan a big get together in Egypt? Maybe the flights to Cairo are cheaper than the flights to Vegas. I don't know.

Maybe they've always wanted to see pyramids. Or maybe they're sowing the seeds of unrest, because global revolution is what they're looking for.

Wade Rathke, on his blog - he wrote this about Egypt, "But in the meantime, keep your running shoes handy and in good repair. The streets are on fire. We need to keep our feet in shape so the dogs can keep barking."

Oh, but we've heard from the new guy who wants to be - I mean, come on. Iran is clean. There are no weapons of mass destruction there. Iran is totally - they're not going for nukes.

That guy - you heard from him the Muslim Brotherhood is not extreme. I know. I know. I know. We talked about that earlier in the show and here is a list of organizations and friends just to put your mind at ease.

Some of the organizations and friends, of course, are, you know, Muslim Students Association. You certainly - you certainly want to influence our kids, get into the universities.

The Holy Land Foundation. Remember the trial in Dallas where they were found guilty of funneling $12 million to Hamas? Well, during the trial, many incriminating documents were entered into evidence.

I showed you this one earlier. This is one of them - an explanatory memorandum on the general strategic goal for the group in North America, written by the Muslim Brotherhood operative and published in 1991.

The strategic goal, quote, "establishing an effective and stable Islamic movement, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, which adopts Muslim causes, domestically and globally, presents Islam as a civilization alternative and supports the global Islamic state wherever it is."

Just the necessary ingredients on the way to a caliphate. We have religious zealots who have made it their goal to take down - according to their own documents and their words - to take down the western way of life coupled with American leftists who have made it their mission their whole life to take down the western way of life.

Some are terrorists. And some are terrorists. Some are just really good at business and propaganda. They both speak the same language and they both have the same goal, not a caliphate, but control. Revolution and control.

You don't believe me? I don't really care. Do your own homework. Don't trust me on anything. Do your own homework. Go to "" and look all of it up. If you don't believe our research, go find it yourself.

Earlier this week, Code Pink and Common Cause hosted a demonstration - I think it was in Palm Springs, California. I want you to listen to the guy who attended the Code Pink rally where Van Jones had just spoken. Listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Revolution now. Revolution now. Can't be now in Egypt. Same thing needs to happen here.


BECK: That was edited too tightly. Well, actually, he was asked by the reporter, "What do you mean by revolution?" And he said, "Oh, you know exactly what I mean." Revolution now. No, that would be a very bad idea. Isn't that inciting violence? Why is no one covering this? More, next.

BECK: In a few minutes, I'll show you. This is the answer tonight. I'm going to give you a solution tonight. I showed you a map at the beginning of the program. It's the caliphate, a spread of a caliphate.

You can't do this by yourself. You need friends. You need allies. Social justice is just part of Islam now. Social justice is all over the globe, and it's weird because so are all the same players here in America.

Now, we've spread this to the rest of the world. Propaganda and social justice, both progressive ideas. It's why - it's why the Muslim Brotherhood put the kid on the banner, right here, that says "freedom."

In English - this is the Muslim Brotherhood Web site in English. It says "freedom." It's great. But in the Arabic Web site, the version here, it just says, "prepare." They know that the word "prepare" with two swords doesn't sell to you, but girl saying "freedom" does.

May I recommend you prepare? It's the same thing that we had with hope and change. It's the same thing with ElBaradei and the National Association for Change. That's his - that's his new organization.

There is an alliance between the left and the Islamists. And that's not good for you, the western lifestyle or Israel. More on that, next.

BECK: There is a strange alliance between the left and the Islamists that we're seeing. I think it's all part of the coming insurrection. It is easier to put pressure on us and the west if we can raise the price of oil and have the fuel and food shortages that they now have in the Middle East.

We've shown you tonight that Code Pink, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are linked together - Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers as well. But I want you to see here - Muslim Brotherhood.

El Baradei says that you have nothing to worry about with the Muslim Brotherhood. Nothing to worry about. Watch.


MOHAMMED EL BARADEI, FORMER DIRECTOR GENERAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY: This is total bogus. The Muslim Brotherhoods are relentlessly conservative. They are in no way using violence. They are not the majority of the Egyptian people.

They will not be more than maybe 20 percent of the Egyptian people. You have to include them like, you know, new evangelical groups in the U.S., like orthodox Jews in Jerusalem. I mean, that is - they are not.


BECK: OK. They are not violent and they're not extremists. In their own literature, they want a caliphate, a global Islamic state. But they're just like the evangelicals. Are they now?

I think I've heard this before. Evangelicals and orthodox Jews. Who has compared terrorists to that that?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In a country like America.


BECK: Really? Look, you can call it a new world order or a caliphate, but the world right now is being divvied up. And the uber-left and the Islamists and the global elites are moving in the same direction.

I'm not saying they are plotting together. The Islamists and the uber-left are, and they share some commonalities.

I want to show you this. This is an anonymous pamphlet that is being distributed in the Middle East. It's hard to get a hold of because it's not being passed around on the Internet.

According to "The Guardian" newspaper, it is being passed out in Cairo. What is it? How to protest intelligently. If you would go through it, you will see here - you're on major streets and protests. There's a little map. How to do it.

It shows you what to wear, what to bring. Here, it shows how to spray things in the face of cops. I mean, honestly, I can't tell difference between extreme leftist and radical Islamist.

I don't, except that I haven't seen anybody on the left take an airplane and blow up the buildings, but they're both going for a new world order and they're both doing it through riots.

Tomorrow, I will show you what the left is doing to bring violence and a new world order about. But let me just leave you this just for tonight because I don't want this show - because they're pretty bleak. I don't want it to be hopeless.

There is something I would ask you to do. I have to tell you, on Friday's program - Thursday or Friday, I'm going to talk a little bit about - I don't have the answer. We have made this bed for ourselves, and it's a bad one.

Thomas Jefferson talked about slavery and he said - and I'm paraphrasing here, "I tremble for my country when I realize God is just."

We were in bed with a brutal dictator and we did it. We were sold this load of goods because it would be good for Israel. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in Israel.

You're about to be surrounded by people who are being encouraged to embrace their rage and their hate. If these countries begin to fall, I don't know how to save Israel. I don't know if you can save Israel.

I don't know how it's done. I don't know the way out. But I have firm reliance on Divine Providence. And until we figure it out, we just try to do the right thing and pray for our family, our courage, our peace, our way of life, and tonight, Israel. Back in a minute.

BECK: We have shown you in the last few days who's protesting in Egypt, who the Muslim Brotherhood is. But who is protesting here in the U.S.? And we told you tonight about the food shortages and the rise of cost of food. Who is exploiting that?

Tomorrow, we're going to expose the radical leftists who are organizing right in our own background and what they're really after. The information that I don't think anybody else will give to you. It's all available at "" Until then, we'll see you tomorrow.

From New York, good night, America.

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