Mark Levin: Christine O'Donnell is 'Smart to Bypass' Sunday Talk Shows

Conservative radio host Mark Levin thinks Delaware Republican senatorial nominee Christine O'Donnell is "smart to bypass" the Sunday talk shows she was scheduled to appear on this week.

As the Associated Press reported Saturday, O'Donnell canceled her appearances on CBS's "Face the Nation" and FNC's "Fox News Sunday":

Campaign spokeswoman Diana Banister cited scheduling conflicts and said O'Donnell needed to return to Delaware for commitments to church events and afternoon picnic with Republicans in a key county where she has solid backing. 

Sunday morning, Levin told his Facebook followers this was a good decision:

Christine O'Donnell is smart to bypass these shows and the O'Donnell-hating media. All they'll do is try to rip her with cherry-picked clips and the rest. They'll use Rove, Krauthammer, Weekly Standard, National Review, Powerline, Castle, etc., quotes against her. She owes them nothing. Her goal is to get elected. Now that she's raised nearly $2 million, she can tell the voters who she is and what she believes, rather than subjecting herself to the frenzy and bias of the media which clearly seek her personal destruction. 

As the media are in a full-court press to dig up dirt on Tuesday's surprise winner, it seems a metaphysical certitude they'll attack her no matter what she does.

With this in mind, was this a good decision on O'Donnell's part, or are political candidates better served to face the press regardless of their biases? 

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