WaPo's Eugene Robinson: Obama Is On A 'Winning Streak'

What kind of shameless shill do you have to be to claim the President is on a winning streak as his poll numbers plummet, the economy teeters on a double-dip recession, and his Party is facing historic losses in both chambers of Congress?

A Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and former managing editor of the Washington Post, that's who.

Consider that just days after numerous polls were released showing America's confidence in Barack Obama at an all-time low, and stallwart supporters such as CNN and the New York Times' Maureen Dowd claimed that even George W. Bush was better at delivering a coherent message to the American people, Eugene Robinson wrote the following Friday:

This is a radical break from journalistic convention, I realize, but today I'd like to give credit where it's due -- specifically, to President Obama. Quiet as it's kept, he's on a genuine winning streak.

Robinson then listed the following items by way of recent headlines:

  • "Last U.S. combat troops leave Iraq"
  • "General Motors to launch stock offering"
  • "Gulf oil spill contained"

But here was the best one. In fact, it's so good it requires a serious warning to remove all fluids, combustibles, and sharp objects from proximity to your computer:

And finally, "President wades into mosque controversy": Yes, I'm serious. Supporting the mosque in Lower Manhattan didn't score any political points. But Obama saw his duty to uphold the values of our Constitution and make clear that our fight is against the terrorists, not against Islam itself. Instead of doing what was popular, he did what was right.

He still hasn't walked on water, though. What's wrong with the man?

Yep. Robinson is so captivated by this President that he even believes Obama has handled the Ground Zero mosque situation well.

Now THAT'S some impressive shilling, wouldn't you agree?

This is sooooo good it requires what Hillary Clinton would call a willing suspension of disbelief.

For instance, here are some recent headlines one would have to ignore to come to the conclusion Obama is on a winning streak:

If this is what Robinson thinks is a winning streak, I can't imagine what losing looks like to him.

*****Update: NB member Bill W. offered the following marvelous observation in the comments section - "Baghdad Bob got a job at the Washington Post."

Indeed he did, Bill!

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