Is All This 'Conservatives Are Racist' Talk Designed to Save Dems in November?

Have you noticed that you can't swing a dead cat these days without hitting some television host claiming the Tea Party or a conservative is racist?

Turn on ABC and there it is. Ditto CBS, CNN, and MSNBC.

Can't get away from it, can you?

Think it's just a coincidence, or could this be a response to President Obama's plummeting poll numbers and the panic in the liberal media that November could be a realigning election that results in a massive Republican sweep of Congress?

Before you answer, consider the following written Wednesday by Gina Loudon, the founder of Buycott Arizona:

With no way to win on the issues, Democrats would need some way to energize their base. So in 2010, they began playing the race card as hard as they could. In a very rare move, the president of the United States rushed out to tell the world that he had a racist state that had gone rogue and needed to be punished. Adding to the narrative, Democratic congressional leaders invited a foreign leader to excoriate millions of Americans from the floor of Congress...While assailing white voters in Arizona, the Obama administration got caught in an Orwellian scenario that makes it appear the policy of this Chicago machine administration is that some people really are "more equal" than others.  

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported:

Democratic strategists looking to stave off major losses in the upcoming midterm election have devised a precise and targeted role for President Obama: recapturing the enthusiasm he generated as a fresh-faced candidate vying to become the nation's first black president. 

This seems crucial for Democrat success, as according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, Republicans are far more energized:

Fully 56% of Republican voters say they are more enthusiastic about voting this year than in previous elections - the highest percentage of GOP voters expressing increased enthusiasm about voting in midterms dating back to 1994. While enthusiasm among Democratic voters overall is on par with levels in 2006, fewer liberal Democrats say they are more enthusiastic about voting than did so four years ago (52% then, 37% today).

The Republican Party now holds about the same advantage in enthusiasm among its party's voters that the Democratic Party held in June 2006 and the GOP had late in the 1994 campaign. Moreover, more Republicans than Democrats are now paying close attention to election news (64% vs. 50%).

Coincidentally as the Times noted, the President is changing his approach: 

More and more, Obama is taking on a partisan tone. He is weaving a story line peopled with villains and heroes, fools and leaders.

In a speech Thursday in Las Vegas, he mocked Sen. Harry Reid's election opponent, Republican Sharron Angle, saying she "favors an approach that's even more extreme than the Republicans we got in Washington. That's saying something." 

It sure is saying something: Obama and Company, realizing November looks like a disaster, are beginning to demonize the opposition.

And, as midterm elections are often about turnout, the key right now for the Left is to figure out a way to energize those that helped Obama get elected in the first place.

The solution: play the race card. Nothing gets the ire up in liberals more than racism. 

After all, you might still be unemployed, and this administration may not have brought about all the Hope and Change they campaigned on, but Republicans are all racists.

This includes many of their elected officials, their surrogates at Fox News, the radio personalities they love like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and, of course, those awful Teabaggers.

The NAACP just put that red letter on THEIR backs, don't you know?

So if you want to keep these racists from taking back Congress, you had better get your butt out to vote in November. 

With the strategy in place, all that's needed is a compliant media stoking the fire of discontent.

Just try swinging a dead cat without hitting someone that fits THAT bill. 

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