Bill O'Reilly: Stop Gulf Oil Leak - 'Stuff Every Member of NBC News in That Hole'

Bill O'Reilly on Monday offered an obviously satirical solution to the Gulf oil spill that has generated some ire from the usual suspects on the left: "stuff every member of NBC News in that hole."

As readers are well aware, the Fox News personality has had an ongoing war with General Electric and its television subsidiary over its dramatic left-leaning approach to covering the news.

With that in mind, while chatting with the folks from Fox & Friends by phone Monday about a variety of issues, O'Reilly made the following tongue-in-cheek remark when the subject of the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico surfaced (video follows with partial transcript):

GRETCHEN CARLSON: Well, maybe with stopping the gap or the hole where it's spilling out, but a lot of people have come forward with ideas of how to clean it up.

BILL O'REILLY: Yeah, I thought that they - basically, in the very beginning - should stuff every member of NBC News in that hole.

CARLSON: Oh my gosh.

BRIAN KILMEADE: They did want a junk shot, so that makes sense.

Of course, the leftosphere is none too pleased by this joke, and will likely not take too kindly to NewsBusters reporting it.

For his part, NBC's Chuck Todd responded to O'Reilly tweeting, "that guy is a one-trick pony I guess; sad."

As for me, I can't wait to see Keith Olbermann's response.

Stay tuned. 

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