Arianna Huffington: Is Unemployment Obama's Hurricane Katrina?

November 24th, 2009 2:11 PM

As President Obama's approval rating dips below 50 percent, his devoted followers in the media also appear to be losing that loving feeling.

Over the weekend it was Chris "Tingles Up My Leg" Matthews calling the former object of his affection "Carteresque."

On Tuesday it was Arianna Huffington -- who has spent the entire year pushing for government-run healthcare as well as cap and trade! -- asking an astoundingly dangerous question for such an unashamed minion: 

"Will The Unemployment Disaster Be Obama's Katrina?"

Yep. In her recent HuffPost column, Arianna used the K-word (h/t Hot Air):

There's a Category 5 storm about to make landfall, and the president and the officials in charge of preparing for the approaching disaster don't seem to be particularly worried. Sound familiar?

Just as Katrina exposed critical weaknesses in the priorities and competence of the Bush administration, the unfolding unemployment disaster is threatening to do the same for the Obama White House.

The members of the Obama administration may not be attending a birthday party at John McCain's ranch in Sedona or shopping for expensive Ferragamo shoes in New York as a great American city is destroyed, but their decidedly lackadaisical response to what job losses are doing to multiple great American cities raises the question: will unemployment be Barack Obama's Katrina?

Shocking to be sure.

Alas, what wasn't shocking was that in her 1500-word criticism of how the White House is ignoring unemployment, nowhere did Huffington discuss what the adminstration and Democrats have been focusing on the last nine months: healthcare reform and cap and trade.

Ironically, if folks like Huffington and her ilk weren't so fixated on government-run healthcare and global warming, maybe the politicians they helped get elected -- including Obama! -- would have spent all of 2009 dealing with the sad state of the economy.

Complaining that YOUR elected officials are doing EXACTLY what YOU pressured them to do is the height of hypocrisy...but by no means surprising.