Man Who Took on CNN's Susan Roesgen is a NewsBusters Reader

Remember the man at Wednesday's Chicago Tea Party who took on the astoundingly incompetent CNN correspondent -- and Fox News wannabe! -- Susan Roesgen?

Well, it turns out he's a reader of NewsBusters.

On Thursday, Norman aka namron was Mark Levin's guest.

Early on in the interview, Norman said (audio available here h/t Hot Air):

Well, you know, I've been kind of following on NewsBusters and watching the liberal bias that's been going on in the media for probably about three years. I think it confirmed something that I knew all along, and I'd actually discussed with my grandmother before she had passed on about the bias. I mean, she talked about it during the Reagan years when there was rallies and stuff she would say, "Now look. They're making a big deal out of this and there's only 200 people here, but they didn't even cover the conservative rally over here where there was thousands." So, I kind of knew about it well beforehand, but when I came across NewsBusters, I really got tuned in. And, they've got a great audience over there, and it really helped to fine tune some of my arguments. 

We're glad to be of service, Norman.

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