Beck Asks 'When Did Socialism Become a Happy Thing for Us?'

While most of the liberal media gush and fawn over President Barack Obama's plans to radically expand government while imposing constraints on the private sector and ridiculing companies for actually wanting to make a profit -- oh the humanity!!! -- Fox News's Glenn Beck Wednesday night asked a question that should be on the minds of all Americans:

When did socialism become a happy thing for us?

Sure, the economy isn't doing well right now, and folks are losing their jobs on a daily basis -- although certainly NOT at the rate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) believes -- but should our current woes lead us to sacrifice what our Founding Fathers and so many other brave Americans have worked and died for?

Beck doesn't think so, and marvelously illustrated on Wednesday what's really at stake at this moment in history -- something the Obama-loving media are clearly negligent in doing (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript):

GLENN BECK, HOST: Hey, does anybody notice this crazy thing that we're on the road to socialism? I'm just saying. Wow. We got -- we got the SCHIPs thing going for us. That's great. There is the change that we were all hoping for, really, seriously.

Hey, I got an idea. If we're going down the road to socialism, I mean, why not really go for it, huh?


BECK: Comrades, good news from the western front, our glorious revolution is starting to take hold. Oh, the revolution of change. Our fearless leader has just signed in SCHIPs, and earlier today, he spoke out against capitalism. Listen up.


OBAMA: As part of the reforms we're announcing today, top executives at firms receiving extraordinary help from U.S. taxpayers will have their compensation capped at $500,000, a fraction of the salaries that have been reported recently.


BECK: Now, those capitalists will say that the mother country shouldn't decide anyone's salary, only because, you know those capitalists will say they shouldn't have been bailed out in the first place. But what would you expect a capitalist to say?

Also in the news today, our workers are uniting. They're in the nation's capital to improve the life of you. The average worker with a union card check. That way, you can unionize everything. Now again, the capitalists will say, "Oh, gee, that's wrong, because secret ballots are part of the American way of life." Of course, they would say that! But I remind you, what do they know about their way of life?

Good heavens! What? Could we stop the music? What the heck is happening to us? I'm watching -- I'm listening to the president just a few minutes ago, and I'm like -- you got to be kidding me, right? I mean, this is just the first step. Oh, good. Well, let's not even debate it; let's just rush it in on an emergency.

Tonight -- I'm going to tie some of these things together -- how the government is moving to nationalize our banks. Does that sound like a good idea to anybody? We're setting salary caps for bailed-out company executives, and let me tell you something -- this one I'm actually for. But wait until you hear me explain it.

The dangers of the union card check tonight. The move towards universal healthcare, insuring the SCHIPs to insure kids -- kids, by the way, now defined by our government as people who are 30 years old. If that's my kid, get the hell out of my house.


BECK: You might say, "Oh, Glenn, that's crazy talk, they're still our children." No, they're not! You live in my house and you need my insurance, get the hell out of my house and get a job, deadbeat! But maybe that's just me.

I'm going to show you how all of these things -- Aaron (ph), I just love you. I wanted to show you how these things are happening today and they line up with some of the goings-on in history's worst socialist- fascist countries. When did socialism become a happy thing for us? These people may not be taking us on the same road that fascist dictators took the rest of the world on a long time ago, but they're using the same tactics and the same propaganda.

Our very country is at stake when people use emergencies to quickly shove down programs down our throats without any discussion. But why would I -- why would I expect otherwise? After all, isn't it global warming? They all say, "Oh, the discussion is over, you flat-earther, you holocaust denier."

Marvelously stated; why aren't we getting a similar sentiment from most media outlets?

Sadly, the only answer is that socialism IS a happy thing for them.

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