The Global Warming Tutorial Media Should be Required to Take

Do you ever get the feeling the reason most people in the media have bought into Nobel Laureate Al Gore's global warming myth is that they are largely uneducated in matters of science, and regardless of the volume of information available at their fingertips via the Internet, such pompous folks are too lazy to take the time to do any research that might challenge their dogma?

After all, the depth of most press members' studies regarding climate matters is having watched the schlockumentary "An Inconvenient Truth" which is full of more holes than Paul McCartney's roof (kudos if you get the pun without clicking on the link!).

As such, assuming the answer to the introductory question is a resounding "Yes," might I suggest media be required to take the following tutorial offered by Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University in Australia (part one embedded right).

In it, Carter addresses five tests of the hypothesis espoused by the climate alarmists that there is "dangerous human-caused global warming":

  1. Has global temperature warmed over the last few years?
  2. Is today's global temperature unnaturally high?
  3. Does CO2 output correlate with temperature change?
  4. Does CO2 lead or lag temperature change?
  5. Does the pattern of temperature change match theoretical predictions of greenhouse warming?

To get the results of these five tests, media MUST watch both parts of this tutorial (part two below):

After watching both parts, press members should be required to take a test proving they understand the tutorial's contents. If they fail, they shouldn't be allowed to report on global warming.

All those in favor say "Aye."

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