Students Shout 'Tase 'Em' as Protestors are Removed From Rove Speech

Former White House advisor Karl Rove gave a speech at George Washington University on Friday that was disturbed by protestors from the anti-war group Code Pink.

As the "insurgents" were being removed from the Harry Harding Auditorium by security guards, students in attendance could be heard comically shouting "Tase 'em!" (embedded video to the right).

As reported by The Conservative Voice, in between interruptions, Rove had some interesting things to say about the current campaign:

Sen. Barack Obama's rhetoric against the Iraq war could prove a major vulnerability for Democrats should Obama win their presidential nomination, former Bush administration political advisor Karl Rove said Friday. [...]

Rove, who left the White House in August and is now a regular contributor to Fox News, said Democrats could be hurt by their attempts to distort Republican Sen. John McCain's positions on Iraq. Referring to Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean's fundraising letter that accused McCain of advocating "endless war," Rove said, "This is more damaging than almost any issue" in the campaign.

The drawn-out battle between Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination will force Democrats to untangle "a remarkable Gordian knot," said Rove, forcecasting that the decision will ultimately rest with so-called "super-delegates" at the Democratic convention in August.

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