Dobbs: Clinton White House Would Be Praised for Today’s Economy

For years, NewsBusters and its parent, the Media Research Center, have been reporting on the disparity in economic coverage by mainstream media outlets during the Clinton and Bush administrations.

In the past seven years, economic data that would have been praised when Bill Clinton was in the White House has continually been presented as recessionary, or even depression-like.

With that in mind, CNN's Lou Dobbs was discussing the economy, and, in particular, the recent holiday sales figures with WOR radio's Steve Malzberg Monday. The conservative host asked Dobbs, "If these numbers were the numbers nearing the end of a Clinton administration or a Democrat's administration, wouldn't they be touting it as a wonderful, strong economy?

Dobbs amazingly answered (14-minute audio available here, relevant section begins at 8:30): "Of course they would."

How delicious.

Earlier in the discussion, Dobbs spoke about last Friday's holiday sales, and the deplorable way they were covered by the media:

The fact is, the numbers went up eight percent. So shut up already. That is the news, that's the story. And why do people want to parse this thing down to one direction or the other? The reason is for their partisan advantage. I mean, my God, I could only imagine what the New York Times will be reporting tomorrow. Or the Washington Post. Or, for that matter, to be completely fair and balanced here as my friends at Fox would say, the Washington Times on the other side.

To be fair, Dobbs didn't have very good things to say about either political party, and discussed economic problems relating to our trade deficit, and the unfunded liabilities associated with entitlement programs. He blamed all in Washington for this -- Democrats and Republicans -- and elaborated as to why he is advocating and hoping for a strong Independent candidate to win the White House next year.

That said, without commenting on his position concerning such matters, it is refreshing to see such a stalwart at CNN admit just how biased the media are concerning economic reporting.

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