TV Columnist Slams NBC’s ‘Green is Universal’ Campaign

One sure sign the media are taking global warming alarmism too far is when fellow press members begin eviscerating green reporting.

Such was the case Monday when TV and radio writer Tom Jicha published a scathing review of NBC's "Green is Universal" campaign.

Rather than focus on the inanity of the cause - which Jicha did eventually address - the piece began by illustrating the delicious hypocrisy inherent in a major television network pretending to be environmentally friendly (emphasis added throughout, h/t NB reader Stu):

You have to wonder if NBC is driven as much by guilt as altruism. Show business is gluttonous when it comes to the use of energy.

If you've never seen a sound stage, imagine a facility about the size of the Bank Atlantic Center, requiring round-the-clock heating and cooling to safeguard electronic equipment. Then imagine a few dozen of these. That would be one major studio. There are several spread around Los Angeles.

Let's not forget the private jets used to ferry executives and performers hither and yon. When they hit the ground, stretch limos are waiting. Forget what you saw on Emmy night; show business uses hybrids only when cameras are around.

So does the Global Warmingist-in-Chief Al Gore, but that doesn't prevent him from winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

Speaking of His Lowness:

Unfortunately, there is ample evidence that Green Is Universal week is just another backdoor attempt to perpetuate the global warming hysteria embraced by many in Hollywood, even though they arrogantly fail to practice what they preach.

Exhibits A and B: Assuring the former vice president another Emmy, a role for Al Gore (as himself) was created in this week's 30 Rock; later Thursday, Jay Leno will again pay homage to Gore on The Tonight Show. (One caveat: If the Writer's Guild strike is ongoing, The Tonight Show could have to go to repeats.)

Interestingly, according to a show description provided by NBC, the 30 Rock episode in which Gore appears will feature a (different) character who becomes so obnoxious with his preaching on the environment that everyone comes to hate him. Love that Tina Fey's subversive sense of humor.

Now THAT could be must-see TV!

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