NYT’s Environmental Writer Paid $12,500 to Speak About Global Warming

NewsBusters readers are aware that one of my contentions concerning global warming alarmism is that those involved are doing it for the money.

Well, this editorial from the Olympian in Washington state will give you an idea that it's not just folks like Al Gore, Laurie David, and carbon offset marketers that are cashing in on this scam.

Now, media members are getting into the act as well.

Entitled "Climate Change Event Mishandled," the editorial deliciously complained about the Olympia, Washington, City Council paying a speaking fee to Andrew Revkin of the New York Times (emphasis added):

Yes, climate change is an important issue. And, yes, public education on the impacts of global warming to South Sound and what residents can do to minimize their individual impact is important. But what's really galling is the fact that the two speakers, Andrew Revkin, author and environmental writer for The New York Times and Terry Tempest Williams, a naturalist and author, are not even going to take questions from the audience.

Wouldn't a video conference have been more environmentally conscious?

Each speaker will receive $12,500 plus travel and lodging costs for their 30-minute presentation - about $435 per minute - and South Sound residents don't even get to have their questions answered.

Hardly seems right, does it?

No, it doesn't. Yet, what it demonstrates is that there's a lot of money in global warming, and all those involved in advancing the hysteria are looking for their payday just like Al Gore.

After all, you didn't really think this was about saving the planet, did you?

You did? Ahhhhh...how sweet.

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