Janeane Garofalo: 'Bush is a War Criminal,' 'O'Reilly Can Kiss My Fat A**'

Liberalism had an absolutely fabulous showing Friday evening as comedienne and former Air America Radio host Janeane Garofalo put on a performance on HBO's "Real Time" that likely left even her parents wondering what they had wrought.

Beginning with her tirade about America's support of Israel being "the detriment of the Palestinian people and the American people," to telling Fox News's Bill O'Reilly to "kiss my fat a**," and concluding with her statement that "George Bush is a war criminal," Garofalo demonstrated just how totally unhinged Hollywoodans have become.

What follows are some of Garofalo's most disgraceful utterances Friday evening in chronological order (video available here courtesy of our friend Ms Underestimated):

  • Our support of Israel to the detriment of the Palestinian people and the American people is not wise, and it's been responsible for a lot of problems. And the way the mainstream media portrays the Palestinians is totally unfair...Our Israeli policy is very dangerous for us, and for them. I don't think the Knesset, the rightwing of the Knesset, represents the Israeli people any more than the rightwing of this government represents the American people.
  • I don't think that the Bush administration has prevented anything. I would say that if they're using wiretapping - and they are - it's for all the wrong reasons. And I think that they utilize fear, and, um, probably letting attacks happen. Republicans always use it.
  • One person's terrorist organization is another person's national resistance movement. You know what I mean? There's plenty of people that refer to some of the military in this country, and others, and in Britain, and in Israel, and in other places as terrorist organizations. Just depends on how you phrase it. They're either a freedom fighter, or a terrorist, or whatever it is. It's however you label it.
  • Oh, Bill O'Reilly can kiss my fat ass...Bill O'Reilly can kiss my fat ass. I said it twice. And Sean Hannity, too. And Joe Scarborough.
  • The CBS thing, the, the, Dan Rather's lawsuit. I have no doubt that there were executives at CBS that, that folded under rightwing coercion, and did it very readily and, uh, fired him, or covered up the truth that the National Guard did provide preferential treatment to George Bush, Jr., and, it's amazing how the rightwing has done it in this country, and it doesn't seem like it's a democracy at all.
  • First of all, General Petraeus has been dishonest. That is sort of the role of a soldier like that. They, just like General Westmoreland and the five o'clock report to Vietnam. Of course they are dishonest. That's what they do. And the thing is that to pretend that it's MoveOn.org that has the problem, and that the mainstream media allows that nonsense to continue. Yet, he is betraying us.
  • Colin Powell knew he was lying in that "War of the Worlds" scenario in front of the United Nations...If Colin Powell had, had, found his integrity on that day that he addressed the United Nations, he could have changed the entire history of most of the world on that day. And, he probably would have been taken out by a sniper. I'm sure they had snipers waiting around to get a poison arrow right there in his carotid artery.
  • First of all, George Bush is a war criminal, and so is Saddam Hussein.

Welcome to the far leftwing in our nation. Honestly, how did they win last November?

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