Cindy Sheehan Quits Democrat Party Over Iraq War Funding Bill

May 27th, 2007 1:55 AM

After the 2006 elections in November, I frequently wrote about the Democrats’ bait and switch campaign scheme whereby Party members had made promises to the electorate they never intended to keep, one of them clearly being an expeditious withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

On such occasions, I asserted that once folks realized they had been lied to, something with a foul aroma would hit the fan.

Well, on Friday evening, it was liberal actor Ben Affleck castigating his Party for caving in on the recent Iraq war funding bill.

On Saturday morning, one of the leaders of the antiwar movement, Cindy Sheehan, was so disgusted by the Democrats agreeing to this bill that she officially announced she's leaving the Party.

Critical Update: As of 10:07AM EST 5/27/07, according to Google News and LexisNexis searches, not one media outlet has covered this. More at end of post.

As she wrote at Daily Kos Saturday (emphasis added throughout):

Dear Democratic Congress,

Hello, my name is Cindy Sheehan and my son Casey Sheehan was killed on April 04, 2004 in Sadr City , Baghdad , Iraq . He was killed when the Republicans still were in control of Congress. Naively, I set off on my tireless campaign calling on Congress to rescind George’s authority to wage his war of terror while asking him "for what noble cause" did Casey and thousands of other have to die. Now, with Democrats in control of Congress, I have lost my optimistic naiveté and have become cynically pessimistic as I see you all caving into as one Daily Kos poster called: "Mr. 28%"


I knew having a Democratic Congress would make no difference in grassroots action. That’s why we went to DC when you all were sworn in to tell you that we wanted the troops back from Iraq and BushCo held accountable while you pushed for ethics reform which is quite a hoot...don’t’ you think? We all know that it is affordable for you all to play this game of political mayhem because you have no children in harm’s way...let me tell you what it is like:


It used to be George Bush’s war. You could have ended it honorably. Now it is yours and you all will descend into calumnious history with BushCo.

The Camp Casey Peace Institute is calling all citizens who are as disgusted as we are with you all to join us in Philadelphia on July 4th to try and figure a way out of this "two" party system that is bought and paid for by the war machine which has a stranglehold on every aspect of our lives. As for myself, I am leaving the Democratic Party. You have completely failed those who put you in power to change the direction our country is heading. We did not elect you to help sink our ship of state but to guide it to safe harbor.

Amazing stuff, wouldn’t you agree? Think this will be headline news in tomorrow's papers, or covered in any way by our liberal press?

Don't hold your breath.

Of course, this was all quite predictable as was laid out in this November 20, 2006, NewsBusters articleMedia Assist Democrats' Bait and Switch Election Strategy” (emphasis added):

As a result, millions of Americans voted “D” in their districts and states exclusively due to the belief that this would lead to an expeditious withdrawal of troops. Once it became clear that such a move was not going to happen, the Democrats had to figure out a way to explain to the electorate that conditions had somehow radically changed in just nine days making their campaign promises implausible.

Of course, it’s likely that many Americans never bought into the Democrat pledge to withdraw troops quickly, and easily saw through the canard. Though appearing at this time to be a species facing extinction, many inside the Beltway refer to them not so affectionately as conservatives. Heartfelt congratulations go to all in that camp.

However, that doesn’t assuage the anger those who did get fooled again will feel when they discover that they fell prey to the same nefarious bait and switch scheme as they did back in 1992.

Now, almost six months later, the chickens are literally and figuratively coming home to roost, and the defections are beginning.

To be sure, Affleck is chump change, though certainly emblematic.

However, Sheehan is a powerful antiwar figure, maybe the most powerful in the nation. Her disgruntlement, voiced so strongly at the epicenter of the Netroots, could signal tremendously ominous portent for Democrats that have taken this ultra-liberal wing of their Party for granted in much the same way they do African-Americans and single women.

Just how dark are the clouds forming on the left side of the horizon? 

Howard Dean, Chuck Schumer, and Rahm Emanuel might want to ask Joe Lieberman for that answer.

*****Update: As of 10:07AM EST 5/27/07, according to Google News and LexisNexis searches, not one media outlet has covered this. Now, bear in mind that this is 24 hours after she first published her piece at DKos. This has been discussed at liberal and conservative websites now for many hours. Yet, the defection of a major, antiwar media darling is for some reason considered by the press as not being newsworthy. Why?

Please be advised that as this occurred on Saturday, transcripts via LexisNexis may not yet be available. However, CNN transcripts are currently accessible through 10:00 EST Saturday evening, and there is no mention of Sheehan anywhere.

*****Update II: Allah at Hot Air weighs in on the media "embargo."