AP and Yahoo’s Continually Evolving Suicide Bombings Headline

Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs has identified a rather interesting phenomenon at Yahoo this morning.

As the website reported on the results of a just-released Pew Research Center survey of Muslim Americans, the headline continued to change:

One hour and 52 minutes ago, the headline was:

Most U.S. Muslims reject suicide bombings.

Thirty-five minutes ago, the same story was re-released:

Some US Muslims justify suicide attacks.

Will it change again? The second headline is actually less politically correct than the first, so stay tuned...

And here’s the fabulous punch line:

UPDATE at 5/22/07 11:32:57 am:

The latest version:

Some young US Muslims OK suicide attacks.

How delicious.

*****Update: Please see Ken Shepherd's piece concerning the same AP story.

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