Newsweek’s Hirsh: Iran’s President Makes Bush Look Good

In a new column just posted at, Newsweek’s Michael Hirsh offered some truly defamatory comments concerning America’s current president. In fact, much of this article could have been written by Harry Belafonte.

For example:

“In fact, [Iranian President] Ahmadinejad, who has piled idiocy upon idiocy in a series of offensive remarks that have alarmed the world, has achieved a truly amazing feat. He has made George W. Bush look like a statesman.”

That was just the beginning ("Day O Day O") :

“The Iranians were succeeding for one reason: until Ahmadinejad came along, Bush for many ranked as perhaps the most obtuse world leader of his day. He had colossally botched what he once identified as his No. 1 foreign policy goal after 9/11: stopping nuclear proliferation.”

Hirsh was just warming up ("Day me say Day me say Day me say Day"):

“Today, thanks to Bush, a generation of leaders in other countries can point to the Potemkin case for Iraq as an excuse not to act when called into action by Washington against the next threat (like Iran). Thanks to Bush, the whole world can now see how strapped America’s all-volunteer military is in Iraq. All this to pursue a trumped-up threat (and one, I would add, that responsible Western intel agencies knew was trumped up before the invasion).”

Michael Hirsh almost makes Harry Belafonte look good ("Daylight come and me wanna go home").

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