After Trashing Trump on DACA, ABC/CBS Ignore His ‘No Action’ Vow

For the last couple of days, the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have spent much of their coverage of President Trump’s recent Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) decision slamming him for being heartless and cruel. But after a Thursday tweet, where the President reassured so-called “Dreamers” that he would direct “no action” against them in six months, both ABC and CBS were silent.

On Thursday, President Trump tried to reassure the “Dreamers” that they would not be subjected to deportation if Congress failed to act on DACA. “For all of those (DACA) that are concerned about your status during the 6 month period, you have nothing to worry about - No action,” Trump wrote.

NBC Nightly News was the only network news program to mention the development later than evening. “After canceling the program protecting undocumented young people brought to this country by their parents, President Trump today tweeted reassurance to those dreamers at Pelosi's request,” reported NBC Correspondent Hallie Jackson.

The tweet seemed to be Trump handling the issue “with heart” like he originally promised, but ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News were not interested.

The omission by ABC and CBS was a continuation of the hysteria which began after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the administration planned to rescind DACA so that Congress would be spurred to codify it. And since then, there had been near constant condemnation from the liberal media as they parroted Democratic talking points and glorified the anti-Trump protestors.

“Their futures hang in the balance as protests erupt and business leaders put pressure on the President,” lamented ABC the morning of the announcement. “In Houston, a large population of Dreamers is also dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.”

And during their evening broadcasts on Tuesday, the Big Three dedicated 99 percent of their DACA coverage to its advocates. CBS was the only network to not give a voice to those who opposed DACA. Both ABC and NBC did but barely, with a combined time of 11 seconds out of total 17 minutes and 46 seconds of DACA coverage.

Even after Trump vowed to “revisit the issue” if Congress failed to make DACA the law of the land, CBS continued to hype those opposed Trump. “Backlash to the President's decision has come from education, business, and religious leaders,” touted CBS White House Correspondent Major Garrett.

With CBS in particular, the recent reporting by the Big Three Networks appeared to expose that they relish every opportunity to trash Trump, but don’t find it newsworthy when he goes something they agree with.

Transcript below:

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NBC Nightly News
September 7, 2017
7:13:44 PM Eastern


HALLIE JACKSON: It's more D.C. drama after a day packed with it. Republicans reeling from the President's stunning decision to side with Democrats on a plan to pay for hurricane relief, raise the debt ceiling, and keep the government open for three months; exactly the terms Democrats like Nancy Pelosi had wanted.

DONALD TRUMP: I think we will have a different relationship than you've been watching over the last number of years.

JACKSON: As if to punctuate that point, after canceling the program protecting undocumented young people brought to this country by their parents, President Trump today tweeted reassurance to those dreamers at Pelosi's request.

NANCY PELOSI: I was reporting to my colleagues, I said, this is what I asked the President to do, and boom, boom, boom, the tweet appeared. So that was good.


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