Hillary Friendly Media Ignore Contentious Nevada Democratic Convention

May 15th, 2016 1:31 PM

For the past few weeks now, the media has been putting pressure on Bernie Sanders to bow out of the race for the Democratic nomination. Shockingly, some have even taken to vetting his policies to aid in this endeavor. So, it may not come as a surprise when ABC’s and NBC’s Sunday shows failed to report about a controversial Democratic state convention in Nevada, which ended with Sanders supporters crying foul over the alleged misconduct by party insiders.

According to reports, Hillary Clinton supporters outnumbered Sanders supporters 1,695 to 1,662, which puts Clinton in the majority. It also turns out that 58 of Sander’s backers were excluded from the vote for various reasons. If they were allowed to cast a vote, it would have allowed Sanders to have a majority representing him at the convention.

To make matters worse, party insiders steamed rolled Clinton opposition by ignoring their adopted parliamentary procedures in the process. Cellphone video from the event shows a party official ignoring numerous and vocal calls for “point of order,” one of the highest priority motions described in Robert’s Rules of Order, which the convention was supposed to abide by. In simple terms, point of order allows a delegate to raise a concern they have about a procedure the body is taking.

After the convention proceedings were dragged out by hours longer than expected, a party official angrily adjourned the meeting and had state police force attendees to leave.  

In the weeks leading up to the Indiana primary, the liberal media was licking its collective lips for a chaotic and messy Republican National Convention. But when the opportunity to cover a chaotic and messy convention presented itself, the mainstream media was largely silent. The media’s silence in covering this event is deafening.

In addition, neither Univision nor Telemundo reported on the controversial Nevada convention.