On 'Cavuto,' MRC's Tim Graham Mocks the NY Times for Demanding Clemency for Traitor Edward Snowden

January 6th, 2014 1:14 PM

The New York Times issued an editorial on New Year’s Day demanding that massive leaker Edward Snowden “deserved better” than exile in Moscow. He deserved clemency or a plea bargain so he could come home. On Friday night’s “Cavuto” on Fox Business, guest anchor Melissa Francis interviewed MRC director of media analysis Tim Graham, who didn’t like the paper’s choices for hero worship.

Graham declared: “If the New York Times had a Man of the Year, like Time magazine has a Person of the Year, it’s clearly Snowden. Snowden is their hero!”

He continued: “And they’re openly lobbying in this editorial to bring Edward home! He’s being wasted in Moscow! He deserves a better life, a life of a national hero! This, what you have here is The New York Times coming down way to the left of Barack Obama. It’s a little mind-bending.”

Melissa Francis asked “Is it fair to include the fact that they financially benefited quite a bit from him and his reporting and it sold a whole lot of papers. He provided a lot of copy. I mean, is that a fair connection to make?"

Graham replied: "Newspapers always love leakers. You know, what we haven’t seen tested here is, let’s say someone who works inside The New York Times provides a massive leak of corporate intelligence from inside The New York Times Company. Would they be a hero? I don't think they’d be a hero to the New York Times."

Francis and Graham also discussed how the Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal declared that he was openly lobbying Team Obama on what "should" happen, if not what would happen. “Whether they think this [proposed clemency]  is good for Obama or not, they clearly want this to happen.”

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