NB's Graham: RNC Is 'Exactly Right' to Boycott CNN, NBC Should They Air Clinton Docudramas

"NBC News hired Chelsea Clinton when she had zero journalistic talent, so the idea that NBC News or NBC entertainment isn't going to be friendly to Hillary is just a silly, silly thing," NewsBusters senior editor Tim Graham told The Blaze's Andrew Wilkow in an August 6 interview on Wilkow!. Graham called out  NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd as one prominent journalist dismissive of conservative complaints about the peacock network's decision to air a Hillary Clinton biography miniseries before the 2016 elections. For their part, CNN has likewise promised to air a Hillary Clinton documentary, produced by CNN Worldwide's CNN Films division, which Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus also objects to.

Of course, "there is really a question whether NBC is going to get this thing off the ground," but Priebus was "exactly right" to call out NBC and CNN, Graham added, counseling that it would be wise for Republicans to go further and simply shut out the liberal media altogether from moderating 2016 primary debates. "It's time to get beyond these [liberal network] moderators' attempts to embarrass, to create gaffes, to suggest that the Republicans are far too extreme for the American people," the Media Research Center director of media analysis argued. "That's the sort of tactics they've been using" while, by contrast, "anybody who remembers the kind of debate questions Hillary and Barack got in 2008 knows they don't play the game the same way on the other side." [watch the full segment below]

For his part, host Andrew Wilkow also observed that when the target of a TV docudrama happens to be liberal Democrats, the reaction is markedly different, with the Clinton camp pushing back hard against ABC's "Path to 9/11" a few years back. Graham then reminded Wilkow that Caroline Kennedy was successful in getting the History Channel to scrap a warts-and-all treatment of the Kennedy presidency.

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