Jim Pinkerton On MSM's Problem: Groups Like NewsBusters Are 'Nailing Them'

Jim Pinkerton of Fox News Watch says the MSM has a problem: groups like NewsBusters are paying attention and "nailing them" when they let their liberal bias show.

Pinkerton made his comment in an interview with NewsBusters at the RNC today.  The subject was a story NewsBusters broke this morning regarding Yahoo's Washington bureau chief David Chalian, who was caught on a hot mike saying that Mitt and Ann Romney were "happy to have a party with black people drowning."  Chalian was fired not long after the NewsBusters story broke. View the Pinkerton video after the break.

Pinkerton observed that thirty years ago, a CBS could have easily buried an incident like the Chalian remark.  But "part of the challenge that liberal MSM face now is that snarky groups like NewsBusters are paying attention and nailing them."

In addition to his media focus, Pinkerton is at the RNC in his role as co-chairman of RATE, a coalition advocating lower corporate tax rates.  Pinkerton notes that the USA has the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world, and that lowering rates to 25% are projected to create hundreds of thousands of jobs per year.

Note:  Offering an analysis along the lines expressed to NewsBusters earlier in the day by Michael Medved, Pinkerton opined that while the MSM's "rapturousness" for Obama had dissipated, they still see  him as "their guy" and will do what is necessary to get him elected.

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