Bozell on Hannity 'Media Mash': NBC Deliberately Skewed Travyvon Martin Story with Selective Editing

March 30th, 2012 10:52 AM

Reacting angrily to selective editing by NBC that suggested racial animus by George Zimmerman, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell complained to Fox News's Sean Hannity last night that NBC News was engaged in an "all-out falsehood." The story in question was a March 27 Ron Allen report on NBC's 'Today' in which 911 audio was edited to make it sound like George Zimmerman said "he looks black" immediately after saying "this guy looks like he's up to no good."

In the actual 911 audio, Zimmerman only described Martin's race after the dispatcher asked, "And this guy: is he white, black, or Hispanic?" "To edit that out is so distorting," Hannity complained. "Sean, it's not distorting, it's advancing a falsehood, it's worse," Bozell corrected the Fox News anchor. [see video below page break]

What's more, with Al Sharpton in the NBC family on cable channel MSNBC, the network has been ginning up another Tawana Brawley-like atmosphere where passions are whipped into a frenzy before all the facts are laid out on the table.

"The radical left has already acted as judge, jury and executioner in this. This is another Tawana Brawley moment we're looking at folks," Bozell noted, reminding viewers that "Sharpton never apologized for that" incident.

"Every single person who hung this person [Zimmerman] without knowing the facts has got to respond to this," Bozell complained.