Radical, Hateful Leftists Like Ed Schultz Soiling NBC Brand, Bozell Tells Hannity

Are left-wing hatemongers like Ed Schultz sullying the NBC brand? How do legitimate, albeit left-leaning, journalists like Matt Lauer or Tom Brokaw feel about NBCUniversal's cable news outlet, Fox News's Sean Hannity wondered during last night's "Media Mash" segment with NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell.

"You have to wonder about that. When you think of Tom Brokaw, when you think of the late Tim Russert... these are liberals... but there was almost always a level of civility, and although you could continue disagreeing with one another, it was an honest disagreement," Bozell noted. Unfortunately, "radicals that far exceed anything Tom Brokaw ever did" dominate on MSNBC. [see video below]

"They really besmirch the reputation" of legitimate journalists like "Tom Brokaw and certainly Tim Russert by their very presence on the network that these people were on," the Media Research Center founder added.

Bozell has called for MSNBC to fire Schultz, and MRCAction.org is filing a petition to that effect.

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