NB's Graham: Media 'Loves the Idea' of 'Pushing' Candidates Like Cain Out of the Race

"The media loves the idea of being able to push someone out of the race by saying they're dead," not because they want to show off they are political prognosticating geniuses but simply because they want to push them out of the race, NewsBusters senior editor Tim Graham noted on today's Your World program on Fox News.

"I think you can really hear this with Cain" as we're now into "day three" of the media pushing Cain to drop out of the 2012 race, Graham told anchor Neil Cavuto.

"We're a ways off now before the voters make a choice," the Media Research Center director of media analysis noted:

If I'm a voter in Virginia, by the time the election gets around to us, there will be nobody to choose from because right after Iowa and right after New Hampshire, the networks tell everybody to get out. Why don't they just let democracy unfold?

We have a media elite that wants to run the presidential nominating process and not let the people make the decisions. I'm tired of that, I think that a lot of people are tired of that.

They ought to let the process unfold and they ought to actually do journalism instead of constantly -- All they've done for the last three days, they haven't advanced the story about who is Ginger White? Is she a viable person, somebody we can understand? They haven't been doing the journalism. All they do is have these horse race conversations about who's up, who's down, and who's going to get out. It's tiresome. People want more than that.

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