ICYMI: MRC's Graham Discussing Wisconsin Protest Bias on Feb. 21 'Your World'

The liberal media have virtually ignored the scandal of medical doctors handing out fraudulent sick notes to labor union protesters in Madison, Wisconsin, NewsBusters senior editor Tim Graham noted on yesterday's "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

What's more, while the media have been quick to portray Wisconsin public sector employees as victims, media outlets have ignored the perspective of parents who have been inconvenienced by the teachers' sick-out, the Media Research Center director of media analysis told substitute host Stuart Varney:



STUART VARNEY, substitute host, "Your World": Was there much opposition when the teachers called in sick by the thousands? Was it reported? What I'm trying to say is was there much reported outrage?


TIM GRAHAM, Media Research Center:  No. I grew up in Wisconsin. Trust me. I can poll my Facebook friends. There was a lot of people who were really upset at field trips canceled, at having to find day care at the last minute. And those were not the stories that they're doing. And you know the news media is really good at victim stories. They could do the story about the single mother who couldn't go to her minimum wage job because some teacher making $70,000 a year had to go protest.

Graham later noted that while some news networks have shown B-roll of posters depicting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) as Hitler or comparing him to former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, there "was no real commentary" about it being beyond the pale.

"These people [in the media] are shameless. They set up a standard for the Tea Parties where one loony guy with a sign represented the entire Tea Party" but nothing is said about the harsh rhetoric from the union protesters in Madison, Graham complained.

For the full segment's video, click on the play button in the embed posted above.

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