'Media Mash': Post-Election Edition

The historic "shellacking" that Democrats suffered on Tuesday night brought out the worst in Obama's acolytes in the mainstream media, giving NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell plenty to talk about on Sean Hannity's eponymous November 4 program.

Appearing via satellite for the popular recurring "Media Mash" segment, Bozell and Hannity first tackled who else but Chris Matthews. Clearly frustrated with the 2010 midterms and anticipating the 2012 presidential race, Matthews all but called former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) an illiterate.

"Would she look like an imbecile" on "Jeopardy!", Matthews asked Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) Tuesday night during live election coverage on MSNBC. 


"Have you ever been an eyewitness to her reading something. No, I'm dead serious about this," the "Hardball" host asked over Begich's laughter:

SEAN HANNITY: It's beyond silly now, it's like an obsession. Your reaction?


BRENT BOZELL: Even by MSNBC standards, the election night coverage on that network was beyond atrocious and beyond despicable. It's wasn't just that, Sean, it was [Rep.] Michele Bachmann and the way he insulted her. They were so insulting in their comments, so sophomoric, so childish, that I've got to wonder what Tom Brokaw and the executives at NBC are thinking? How much longer are they going to allow this to continue?


By the way, Sarah Palin, in House races, she won 66 percent of the ones she endorsed, 60 percent of Senate races, and when you consider virtually all of them are challengers, those are world records.

Hannity and Bozell also discussed the media's meme that the midterm elections were simply about anger:

BOZELL: Sean, you and I could set our watches by this, and you knew it was coming. First of all the anger stuff, that comes up every time Republicans win. Remember Peter Jennings... in 1994 he said America can't be governed by an angry 2-year-old, that's how he described the electorate -- he apologized for that later -- it's the same thing going on. "Those idiots out there, how dare they have done this to us." The idea of compromise. Have you ever heard them say this to Democrats when they win?


When they win it's hope, it's change, it's a new tomorrow. It's, you know, out with the old, in with the new.  With Republicans, it's immediately, "now, when are you going to compromise?".... You'll never hear that said about Democrats.

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