BMI on FoxBiz: News Media Ignore Impact of Health Care Reform on Small Business

July 16th, 2009 5:55 PM
BMI's Julia A. Seymour discussed the media's sparse reporting on health care reform's impact on small businesses July 16 on the Fox Business Network. Anchor Stuart Varney asked, "Is Washington waging war on small business? And is the news media ignoring it?"  Seymour told him:  

Yes, I think in - in many cases they are. If you look at last night's evening news coverage of this health care reform bill, or as you, you called it, uh, wealth reform bill, two networks out of three ignored the plight of small businesses altogether. Only CBS' Chip Reid did a story talking about the impact of sma- on small business of this bill.

Seymour also told Varney the news media "constantly attack the wealthy" and get "caught up in class warfare rhetoric." She continued, "It's no surprise that they wouldn't be going out and looking for business owners who are going to be damaged, um, by tax increases or higher regulation in this health care bill."