MRC's Seton Motley on FNC's Fox & Friends

The Media Research Center's Director of Communications and Contributing Editor Seton Motley appeared this morning on the Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends to discuss the media's ongoing silence about the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, better known by it's acronym, ACORN.

Seton asserts that the media has remained steadfastly silent about ACORN due to the group's extensive and extended connections with Sen. Obama, and have done so so as not to damage Sen. Obama's chances in this year's Presidential election.

Seton discusses how ACORN has been in the past convicted of voter registration fraud in six states and is currently under investigation for either registration fraud or misuse of funds in fourteen. He points out that they have routinely registered to vote dead and underage people, and fictitious personages with names like "Jive Turkey," "Mary Poppins" and "Dick Tracey". He mentions that in 2006 in Washington state, ACORN turned in 1,800 registrations of which six were valid.

Seton addresses the long relationship Illinois Senator Barack Obama has had with ACORN, first as an attorney for the organization than for years as a trainer of their voter registration activists. As Chairman of the Board for Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers's Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), Sen. Obama directed large sums of CAC money to ACORN.

Seton concludes by pointing out that on the particular fraudulent voter registration card in question, the proper header is "Turkey, Jive."

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