MRC's Motley on Fox News on Palin's Treatment in the Media

Where Charles Gibson's 2007 interview with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) "was one part This is Your Life, one part Oprah Winfrey," McCain running mate Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) faced a "harsh interrogation" with the ABC anchor in "total attack mode," MRC Communications Director Seton Motley told Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly on the September 15 edition of "America's Newsroom." [audio available here]

An excerpt from the interview:

KELLY: Let me ask you about the editing process. What exactly was arguably unfair about the way ABC edited the interview with the governor?

MOTLEY: Well, they edited out answers that showed her to be much more informed and much more intelligent on foreign policy issues and other issues than she appeared when they edited it down to what they presented on the air. It's also unfair the way they edited her statement about the Iraq war and our being on God's side on this.... What they edited it down to was she's saying we're fighting God's war, like we're in a crusade, like we're in a holy war. What she said was she was praying that we were on God's side, much like Abraham Lincoln did during the Civil War.

MOTLEY: And to edit it down that way, they're trying to portray her as some sort of fanatical crusader when in actuality she was saying, you know, we hope we're on God's side and we're going forward in that vein.

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