MRC's Bozell on Obama Quitting Church; Senator's 11 Times on Magazine Covers

MRC President and NewsBusters Publisher Brent Bozell appeared on the June 2 "Fox & Friends" to discuss Sen. Barack Obama's decision to leave the controversial Trinity United Church of Christ and the fact that Obama has appeared on the cover of 11 news magazines since the beginning of the year.

Partial transcript below by MRC intern Peter Sasso [audio available here]:

STEVE DOOCY, "Fox & Friends" co-host: Brent, so things heated up when the Catholic priest a week ago said some crazy stuff there at the pulpit at Trinity United. But we should go back a little bit. Barack Obama initially joined that particular church because it had a huge power base and if he wanted to get established in Chicago politics, he had to join it.

BRENT BOZELL, Media Research Center President: That's right. I mean and it's now become the home for whack jobs. But, you know, you look at his resignation yesterday and you just ask yourself why does this man do things half way? Why can't he go all the way? Did he resign because there is something wrong with that church? No. In fact, in resigning, he said I'm not saying this. He said this. Very emphatically, that he absolutely refuses to denounce that church. If you absolutely refuse to denounce that church, why did you leave it?


DOOCY: Hey Brent, I would imagine you would say that Mike is wrong and the reason for it is the mainstream media is in the tank for Barack Obama.

BOZELL: Well, you took the words away from me. I had a news flash ready for you and for Gretchen, and for Mike, to explain this. They like him! I mean, -- I'm looking at this, at these covers -- ok, give the guy a cover because he is a new candidate on the scene, hes a new vibrant black. He has got a lot of support around there. Give him a cover. Give him a cover because is he winning. Throw in a third cover because, I don't know why. Eight more covers after that, come on!

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