Upset at the New York Times? Join MRC Action Effort

The New York Times has launched a full-scale attack campaign against John McCain and in so doing, revealed their liberal agenda for all to see! It’s the clearest example of their bias since they published’s "General Betray Us" ad...Why wasn’t this story published previously?

If you're infuriated by this failing liberal news organization’s desperate attempt to tar and feather the Republican front-runner by dredging up 8 year-old allegations, take quick action and do something about it

Join our MRC Action Team and help bury the NY Times with thousands of angry emails and phone calls.

Let them know that conservative voices have not--and will not be silenced during this election. Tell them we won’t allow these attacks rooted in innuendo to go unchallenged; and urge the editors to retract the story!

As part of our multiple-pronged-strategy, the MRC wants to deliver 50,000 petitions to the NY Times Monday morning--demanding an end to liberal media bias in election coverage!

Sign up. It might help your blood pressure.

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